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3 Little Known Qualities That Make You More Likable

3 Little Known Qualities That Make You More Likable

How many times have you discounted yourself from a dating opportunity because you assumed that the other person wouldn’t like you?

Apart from having no idea what this person’s tastes are, you readily tell yourself that your appearance, personality, style, etc is just not what they’re looking for.

The truth is most singles are looking for the same things.

The reason we can’t seem to integrate with each other is because too many people take themselves out of the equation by assuming they won’t be liked.

There are 3 points of attraction that almost any person can master, single or not. These skills are useful when selling, networking or promoting yourself to anyone. Your proficiency in these categories should give you the confidence you need to interact with potential dates in every opportunity you get.


In a word: empathy. One reason singles tend to count themselves out is because they just don’t understand the other person. We are quick to assume that they’re wants, desires and values are completely out of line with ours. For this perceived reason we don’t believe that we are compatible.

What you’re judging in someone else isn’t real. Remind yourself the next time you don’t consider yourself someone’s “type” that you’re imposing a false assumption onto someone that you don’t know. Your experience can’t predict compatible with someone unless you thoroughly understand who they are.

Instead of being afraid of rejection you can create attraction and appeal with most people by trying to understand them. Be on their side. Ask them questions and compliment them often. When you begin conversations with strangers remember that you want appear “with them” not against them.

The most attractive qualities in others are the ones we recognize in ourselves or wish we had. If you want to make a great impression on someone and be liked, show that you’re similar.


You are the only you there is. Instead of feeling insecure about what you lack, learn to spread the word about what you have. Being unique doesn’t mean being so overtly different that you stand out. It can be as subtle as asking intriguing questions or being excessively kind or funny.

Don’t fall into the “someone like me” mentally and think that being different is a bad thing.

You can show that you are unique by being the same but better. Be a great listener, ask great questions, help others when you can or speak to people that most people are ignoring. Being different or unique is simply being rare. Be the type of partner that is hard to find by doubling down on your already great attributes. Take inventory on what sets you apart and capitalize on highlighting those qualities.

Security/ Trust

People will like you if they feel that you can be trusted. How can they know that in a brief conversation? First, don’t complain, don’t gossip and don’t speak negatively about anything around you.

Also, don’t reveal intimate details of your life. Your body language always conveys that you are trust worthy. Stand tall and confidently, keep a reasonable distance between you and others and always look people in the eye. Positive eye contact conveys trustworthiness better than anything you can say.

Someone will trust you based on their intuition so it’s important to send them warm energy and think positive thoughts. If you’re worried, anxious or agitated you will seem untrustworthy.

The key to pulling off these traits is acknowledging that they matter and practicing them consistently. People will like you, just give them a chance.

I hope this was helpful.

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