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Gentlemen For Hire: In Service For The Non-Sexual Kinks

Gentlemen For Hire: In Service For The Non-Sexual Kinks

When it comes to kinks, a lot of people, maybe even you, understand them as unconventional sexual practices or concepts. But, there are non-sexual kinks, and that’s where most people have problems understanding.

Non-sexual kinks work almost the same way as sexual kinks except that whatever thing that brings you utmost pleasure doesn’t involve sex. Almost everyone has a form of non-sexual kink, although not everyone has explored them actively.

Dating, love, and relationships are complex, and sex sometimes complicates things more. You may wonder how then do people have a great time without worrying about any strings attached. One way that has been getting explored in recent times is the services being offered by gentlemen for hire.

In this post, we’ll be exploring everything that surrounds gentlemen for hire service or male escorts as they’re more popularly known.

Who are the Gentlemen For Hire?

They are professionally trained companions who are physically fit, intellectually-sound, and whose job description includes fitting into several roles and satisfying the non-sexual desires of their clients.

They serve in any capacity they’re hired for; as dinner dates, casual company, non-sexual intimate time, travel companions, or even plus-ones for business or formal functions.

Exploring your non-sexual kink in a safe space is one thing they’re good at because you have a guarantee that your needs will be met while staying discreet and thoroughly professional. Thoroughly professional in this context doesn’t mean stiff, it leans more towards genuine consideration and respect for the client.

Common Misconceptions about Gentlemen For Hire

There’s a stigma that trails the escort service as some see it as terrible without taking extra steps to understand what exactly goes on. Some common misconceptions that trail the use of the service are:

It’s About Sex

People frequently equate the service to sex work and the likes. This is untrue because while there may be a few escort services that allow sex to be included, the vast majority of them do not allow it.

The services are usually non-sexual and companionship-related. There are explicit rules that most of these services follow, which are to be upheld by every escort under them and clients who wish to use the service.

It’s Shameful

Some people believe that getting a gentleman for hire is a thing to be ashamed of, and this opinion probably stems from a place of moral superiority or self-righteousness.
Women are free to do whatever they want with their time and money, so exploring themselves and their interests is never something to be ashamed of.

It is Illegal

There are concerns over whether or not the male escort service is actually legal. Yes, the service is legal, and you can find escort service agencies with excellent reputations and well-trained male escorts like gentlemen4hire.

What are Examples of Non-Sexual Kinks?

There are different types of non-sexual kinks you can choose to explore. Some of them include:

Snuggling and Cuddling

For some people, snuggling and cuddling is a kink. It’s something that brings them utmost joy and pleasure even more than sex does. And yes, some people prefer cuddling to sex, it’s not that strange. Even the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin says so too!

Fun Dates

Going out and having fun for a lot of people is something they’ll pick over sex any day.
They may not want to do this alone, though, and getting someone who wants the same thing at that time may be challenging.

Costumes and Dress-Ups

Sometimes, people are just attracted to seeing others in a particular get-up, and they may not even know why. There isn’t any need to be embarrassed or ashamed of your kink.


Everyone loves a good massage, but some people love it more. A great foot massage or even a scalp rub is enough to release the endorphins and relieve all their stress.

Why are Gentlemen For Hire an Option in Exploring Non-Sexual Kinks?


Generally, people prefer to be in their comfort zone when exploring something new or unconventional.
The option of getting to choose who exactly they want these kinks are explored with, where and boundaries might just be what draws most women to choosing a gentleman for hire.


It might not feel safe enough to explore your kinks with strangers you meet at the club or bars because there’s no vetting factor or means to know who is who. The difference with gentlemen for hire mainly involves the reassurance that whoever you hire is thoroughly vetted and pre-approved by the service.

The Thrill

There’s always the thrill of meeting new people. With gentlemen for hire, you’re meeting someone entirely new except you’ve had a previous encounter with the escort. This may fuel the thrill of exploration and make it even more exciting for women to try out.

Hiring a male escort might be a great idea for you if you’re looking to safely explore your non-sexual kinks or seek companionship. This should be done after taking a good look into the service, reputation, and safety standards.

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