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5 Ways To Prep For A Date Before You Even Have One

5 Ways To Prep For A Date Before You Even Have One

I often ask clients when they want to go on their next date. This question shocks them. We never think of dating as just deciding to do it. You need to find someone who wants to go with you, and then you need to create rapport. Finally, you need to find a location that you can both agree on. The logistics of dating are enough to scare people away, but the first step is actually just deciding to go on one.

So if I asked you, how soon you wanted to go on a date, what would you say? Next week, tomorrow, or now? If you’re not sure, I’ll make it easy on you. Just start preparing for you future date. If you build it, they will come right?

So let’s start building.


The days of dinner and a movie are long gone. If you want to create an atmosphere for love, start scouting romantic locations that you would like to take a date, or at least share with someone else. This gives you an anticipation factor. If you’re pessimistic about dating then the chances of getting a date diminish. If you can go a location, or read about it online, and actually visualize yourself being there, it’s more likely to happen.


It’s easy to take comfort in the fact that no one sees your underwear when you’re single, and probably not having sex. It’s a relief to just wear what is comfortable over what is sexy. The reality is that even something as simple as updating your underwear drawer can be encouraging. New underwear gives you confidence. If you’re excited about what’s under your clothing, you’ll feel more confident taking them off, when the time is right.


Interesting people often get dates. The one thing we judge for, before we consider looks is similarity. We want to date people who remind us of ourselves. When you read you we are quickly ushered into a new group of similar people who also enjoy reading. Even if the genre is different the sentiment is the same. Reading allows you to spark conversations with new people and create commonality where there might not have been any before.


People like fun people. Are you fun to be around? It can be incredibly hard to gauge how fun we are but if you don’t enjoy most of your life, then the answer is not that fun. Being busy is a great way to distract yourself from the fact that you’re not dating.

But is being busy fun? Many singles fill their lives with sport and culture but every little fun. Having more fun isn’t always easy because can’t always analyze how much fun we are having. When was the last time you distracted yourself with an activity that was truly enjoyable? That’s the kind of fun your love life will benefit from.


No really, do something really good for yourself that will raise the bar on how you expect to be treated. Dates will come and go making you feel incredibly self-conscious. The best remedy to that kind of insecurity is treating yourself to something special.

Do something kind, or fun for yourself that is out of the norm. Give yourself something that you don’t feel you truly deserve, but totally want. You’ll have feel way more comfortable letting others do things for you, if you start doing them for yourself.


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