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What Not to Do If You Want to Keep A Man

If you want to keep a man, you will find a lot of tips and tricks these days, but what should you not ever do if you want to keep a man? I’m going to take you through some of the best things to keep in mind when discussing what not to do if you want to keep a man.

Don’t think try random sex tips you “heard” will turn him on

Stop reading about the “secret ultra racy ice cube dance trick that’s going to stimulate his extrasensory perceptive abilities and make him into a raving lunatic… so drunk with desire from your tricks that his brain will shut down and he will no longer know how to control his animalistic urges.

Reality: If you feel turned on by something or he feels turned on by something you might as well explore it if you are comfortable doing so.

Don’t Change Your Plans the Second He Calls You

Are you going out with friends or helping a family member move? He calls and suddenly these people do not matter, you cancel plans and don’t care how rude it is. This makes him feel like he has complete control and power over you; a damaging mindset that will make him think he can do anything he wants and you won’t care because you’re so desperate to see him!

Reality: He will think you have no life other than him and feel like you just drop anything for him. He could potentially take you for granted.

Don’t Start Looking Completely Different

The best of us have fallen into it: gaining weight after getting “comfortable” in a relationship. Don’t go into one skinny and then gain 40 pounds only to wonder, “why won’t he have sex with me?” The truth is… men like the woman you are in the beginning and making sure you continue to care for yourself is key in sustaining a lasting, healthy relationship.

Reality: Not saying gaining 5 pounds is the end of the world; this is normal and happens. Just don’t go nuts with the ice cream and end up hating yourself and therefore hating him. This downward spiral won’t end well.

Don’t Be Obsessive

Do not do everything he wants you to do and say “how high?” when he says jump. Don’t compromise what you want to do because you’re so obsessed with him. Obsessiveness means he is your world; you constantly think about him, dream about him and fixate on the next interaction you will have with him. You live and die by his texts, by whether he responds or not…

Reality: Obsessed women get stigmatized as “stalkerish” and “crazy.” Don’t let yourself become this label because you are not!

Don’t Be Too Open With ‘Bodily Functions’

Now this is just awkward, right? Eh, not exactly but sort of. Men do not want to know about your #2 habits. Or your period. Or your burping. Or any of that fun stuff. Some women like to be ultra casual and even leave the door open when going numero 2, for example. I mean… #1 is not that big of a deal but for everything else… keep some mystery alive by at least trying not to broadcast it.

If you want to keep a man, you should not be anyone but who you are.

But who you are does not mean you let your worst tendencies come out and have a meltdown sending him long paragraphs of text messages in the middle of the night. Be your best self, have the ability to see how to step back from a situation and let it ride out on its own without pushing it.

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