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6 Signs That Women Don’t Want You

6 Signs That Women Don’t Want You

Insecurity plagues everyone.

When you’re dating it is impossible to ignore that the dating market can seem competitive. Ignoring the hype and propaganda seems impossible. What do women want and do they want you? If you’re interested in impressing women, and not just impressing them but mastering the art of seducing  them then there are just a few key tactics to learn. The key to success in any arena is optimizing for it by avoiding failure. Too often men focus on what they are trying to avoid while missing all of the obvious signs that failure is imminent.

1. She Doesn’t Compromise

A woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it is sexy, but also dangerous. When you are dating someone who is interested in you, making you happy is paramount. If the woman you’re dating doesn’t compromise, she isn’t being strong she is testing your compliance. To be a man that women want, you have to come across as a great leader. Someone who can create and execute a plan. A woman that trusts you isn’t going to insist that it’s her way or he highway. If she isn’t willing to work with you, or be led by you, she doesn’t want you.

2. She Takes Hours to Text Back

Whether you are waiting for a call or a text, if you’re waiting too long then she just isn’t that into you. A desirable man is a hot commodity. If a woman is waiting to text you back, or return your call, she doesn’t respect your time. She isn’t threatened that you are going to lose interest and assumes that you are so into her that you will wait patiently. The truth is, you probably will. Women know that time is of the essence when dating a high value man, and won’t wait to lockdown plans with him if she can help it. If a woman is taking hours to reach out to you, or to return your outreach, she doesn’t want you.

3. She Expects You to Pay

Dating is a made up game and the rules depend solely on the players. Every person comes with their own set of requirements, and any woman who expects you to pay past the first few dates doesn’t want you. A woman who is mindful of the equity in a relationship will offset expensive dates with affordable and cozy romantic dates such as cooking you dinner at home, watching Netflix at home, or purchasing tickets in advance for an event. If you are dating a woman who treats every date as if she is the guest of honor, she doesn’t want you.

4. She Isn’t Affectionate

Some men go overboard by aggressively forcing affection on women. This tends to make women overly cautious when dealing with men in general. Assuming that giving men an inch will implore them to take a mile is why women tend to withdraw from affection until she is certain she can trust the man she’s dating. The key is to hold back affection and let the woman initiate contact. When a woman feels safe with a man, or wants to claim a man for her own, she will be openly affectionate. Unfortunately, most men don’t wait for women to take the lead so they cause the opposite reaction. A woman who is reciprocating affection but not initiating it doesn’t want you. She is doing what she feels she has to in order to keep you distracted from her true intentions.

5. She Doesn’t Tell You Important Things

People talk about what they care about it. Sharing important details is a way to bond with each other. If the woman that you’re dating doesn’t share important milestones or share exciting news with you, then she isn’t interested. Don’t assume that your woman isn’t the type to share intimate details of her life. She wants to share with the man that she trusts. But a man that she is dating just to kill time, or dating casually until someone better comes along, will be kept in the dark. Don’t make the mistake of not asking. If she isn’t telling you about critical moments in her life, when you’re dating, she doesn’t want you.

6. She Doesn’t Talk About the Future

Bonds are made through our fantasies. A woman who is interested in you will inevitably envision a future with you. If she isn’t inquiring about what your future plans are, or actively planning the future with you beyond the next date, then she isn’t interested. This means that she doesn’t fantasize about a future with you, a few months or years from now. This is critical because everything happens in the future. Without the connection and the fantasy, a woman won’t build a bond with you. If you aren’t sharing what you want in the future with each other, then she is likely not interested.

Determining a woman’s interest can be complicated but it can be done especially with intention. Don’t assume that because a woman is spending time with you she is interested. It just means that she has time to spend. By asking important questions and watching for the cues, you can determine how interested a woman is and save yourself time.

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