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How To Create A Great Dating Strategy

How To Create A Great Dating Strategy

One of the most important words in business is strategy.

You can apply that theory to your love life and create a plan that gets you what you want. In this video I explain how to create a dating strategy and find the love that you’ve always wanted.

1. Let your guard down.

Too often we’re afraid to let anyone get to know us. We are wonderful people who struggle with the relationship we have with ourselves. Could you imagine then how difficult it would be for someone else to get to know us? Create a strategy to help other people get to know you. Think about your best qualities, your passions and what you like about yourself. Learn to share these interests with more people more often. The better you get at self-disclosure the faster other people can get you know you and like you.

2. Enrich your life.

You don’t attract what you want; you attract who you are. Think about the type of person you want to date and how you want to feel in your relationship. Think about your life now and create a life that you want to share with someone else not escape from. If you don’t like the life you’re currently living your goal is to create a strategy for change. How can you add more passion, fulfillment and joy? What areas in your life are you avoiding? An enriched life will attract people who are happy and only happy people make happy relationships.

3. Only do what works.

If you’re meeting the wrong types of people then change your approach. Change your appearance. Change your perspective. Evaluate every area of your life and make changes where it’s necessary. Don’t be lazy or romantic about dating and think that the right relationship will fall into your lap. It won’t. If what you’ve been doing in your love life isn’t making you truly happy then don’t be scared to make a change or improvement based on results.

Adding a clear strategy to your love life includes having a goal. You have to know in your heart what you want and ignore every person who is unlikely to give it to you.

Your strategy should be a clearly defined plan to getting what you want because everyone you meet is only interested in what they want.

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