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6 Obvious Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

6 Obvious Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

One of the most frequently asked questions to a private detective is whether they can find out if their client’s significant other is cheating. Infidelity has no defined face. Just as one cannot judge a book by it’s cover, it is as impossible to look at someone’s face, peer into their eyes, and determine whether they are a cheater or not. The truth is that anyone and everyone can be unfaithful. It depends on their moral standards, something you cannot control.

You might be aware of the subtle signs of cheating, such as the new habit of coming home late. Also, what about your gut feelings? Read on to learn more about specific indicators that your partner is cheating on you. 

1.  You get accused!

One of the most prominent tell-tale signs that your significant other is cheating is that you get accused of cheating. This is a vital tactic adopted by the cheating party and serves to put you on the defensive. It makes your partner look ant-cheating while giving you no chance to consider the contra possibility. Such accusations can also indicate their guilt of having gotten away with cheating. They believe that you could get away with cheating too.

2.  Toxic Criticism

Your once-liked and much-appreciated qualities and features have become the source of criticism. Cheaters justify their unfaithfulness by pointing out specific flaws in you. Typically, cheaters will see their cheating partner as a better and happier relationship.

They will have a better image of their cheating partner in their minds while bringing you down with their toxic criticism. You might find yourself constantly adjusting and re-adjusting to their demands on how you should look and act with the goal-post moving further away. 

3.  Conscious about their Looks

If you find your S.O. hitting the gym, buying new lingerie, and dressing up differently, they might be in the initial stage of a new-found love interest. During the honeymoon period of a relationship, everyone tries to be the best version for their partners. A change in their personal grooming is one of the most apparent signs of a cheating partner. A sudden drive to improve personal fitness and personal appearance is a red flag to look out for.

4.  Changes in Behavior

If you find your partner being mad at you for no apparent reason and pass mean comments, it is a vital sign of a cheating significant other. You might also find yourself at the receiving end of emotional and physical abuse. Sometimes cheating partners cope with their guilt by deflecting blame in the form of physical and emotional abuse. 

5.  Changes in Routine

Has your partner recently started staying out late? This is often a giveaway sign of a cheating significant other. Suddenly, your partner will stay out more frequently and tell you all sorts of excuses. Your gut feelings will tell you that something is wrong since they will start staying out for unusually long periods.

Changes in routine also include keeping tabs on your schedule. They will ask you when you will be leaving for work, and at what time would you be reaching home. This helps the cheating partner figuring out when they will have the place to themselves with their cheating partner.

6.  New Spending Habits

You might witness a sudden hike in cash withdrawal; especially, if you share a joint account with your partner. You will also notice a new interest in eating out with friends. Cheaters often use cash for dining out with their new partners. Paying in cold cash helps them avoid getting tracked about where they have been with their new partner.

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