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7 Dating Tips From Expert Matchmaker Tammi Pickle

7 Dating Tips From Expert Matchmaker Tammi Pickle

Dating in 2020.

Dating is hard, especially in this day and age when distractions are everywhere. People are focusing on their careers more and less on finding the one and starting a family. Maybe you’re divorced and looking for the second love of your life. Don’t give up hope. If you are ready to find the one. Always be on the look out.

You never know where you might find someone. Go out of the house put together and you will feel better about yourself. You will have more confidence and attract more people with that confidence.

Be Open Minded.

If someone reaches out and shows interest give them a chance. So many people have some perfect person in their head. No one is perfect and you don’t know unless you try and get to know someone. I have heard it a million time after a first date, he’s not my type but he was nice, my advice would be to go out again and see what happens you won’t truly know after a one-hour meeting. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Take up a new hobby, join a softball league, sailing, gym, take up golfing, get out in your community and try to meet new people. Charity events, functions with friends keep yourself busy and you may just stumble into the one and you will have fun while doing it.

Be Happy

Be 100% happy with yourself and your life. You shouldn’t need anyone to make you happy. Be positive, upbeat, friendly, outgoing and sincere; nobody wants to date Debbie/Dan Downer. Always talk about yourself and your experiences in a positive manner, think about how you would feel if someone else was talking about how broke they were, how awful their ex is, or what a bummer their life was. It wouldn’t make them very appealing now would it.

Think about how people might perceive you. Don’t be afraid to discuss past trauma, relationships etc. because your past has made you who you are today but just don’t scare people away with too much baggage.

Look Your Best

First impressions matter. Look and feel like a million bucks with a gorgeous smile with the Dentist in Windsor. Be on your best behavior and show them you are interested by looking into someone eyes. Having a meaning full conversation, opening up, getting to know them by asking questions, body language, laughing with them, finding things in common and giving all of your undivided attention.

Show them you care and are interested whether a hug, kiss on the cheek touching their hand or arm when appropriate during conversations. Giving and getting complements shows interest in someone. You think they look nice than tell them. How wonderful is it when a random person gives you a compliment? If you like someone, show them by making them feel good about themselves and showing your true feelings towards them.


Stop with all the texting. Reach out by phone to show someone you care and want to speak with them. I am all for reaching out and staying in contact with texting, but just think about how nice it is when you receive a call and someone on the other end wants to have a real conversation with you, it makes you feel pretty good. So, think about that when you’re getting to know someone.

Find Something in Common

While getting to know someone new, it is important to find similar interests and passions that you can relate to. People bond on personal experiences. You will get along better with a friend, or partner, when you have things in common with them. Try to find that commonality in travel, passions, loves, interests, hobbies and or sports.

Be Realistic

When getting to know someone, don’t go into a date with expectations that are too high. Don’t act like you will be marrying this person and spending the rest of your life with them. Be open to making a new friend and take it slow. Love doesn’t happen immediately so you should feel comfortable with the person like a friend with chemistry. Everything else will fall in line organically if it is supposed to. Don’t put too much pressure on finding the one, it can come off as desperate and that is not appealing to the other person.

You like someone, but don’t expect that you may hear from them as often as you may like. People are busy and have lives. Just because you didn’t hear from them today doesn’t mean they are not interested. You may push someone away for being too high maintenance or having unreal expectations.

Have Fun

Be yourself, be open and share about yourself, your life, your passions, what you love and your goals.

No one wants to pull teeth when talking to someone. I know first dates are sometime awkward but be as open and outgoing as you possibly can. You don’t know how often I hear they didn’t ask me anything about myself, so make sure to ask them about themselves find some things in common, like you would if you were trying to make a new friend.


Tammi Pickle VP/Partner of Elite Connections matchmaking agency. In business for the last 25 years. The company meets and screens quality professionals that are looking to find the right person. They help make successful matches while giving advice, feedback and helping every client through out the dating process.

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