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How Nerve Damage Can Affect Performance in Bed

How Nerve Damage Can Affect Performance in Bed

Let’s face it, nerve damage can really affect your sex life. An extensive type of diabetic nerve damage expresses itself as sexual dysfunction. When nerves are damaged by irregular blood flow, your sex life may suffer. In males, sexual neuropathy may lead to loss of desire, loss of erection, or inability to orgasm and even show symptoms of anxiety. In females, nerve damage can reduce lubrication, enjoyment, and orgasms. 

So what can you do about it?

The first treatment is to regulate your blood sugar levels. According to one research, hemoglobin A1C levels were the single unique predictor of erectile dysfunction (ED).

There is an essential correlation of neuropathy with hemoglobin A1C. It means if people slow down their A1C levels in plenty of cases, their neuropathy, involving sexual function, promotes dramatically.

Nerve damage appears to play an incredibly important role in erectile dysfunction (ED). It can reduce your sexual performance and make it unable to satisfy your partner in bed. A Spanish study of 80 males expressed that almost 70% of sexual issues had nerve damage, mostly peripheral nerve damage.

Males who reported more signs and expressed more nerve damage symptoms also reported more dangerous signs of sexual dysfunction or impotence. In previous studies, heart disorder and stroke were the most typically found risk factors for erectile dysfunction. 

These studies may give valuable information about erectile dysfunction, low sexual performance, and all of them are related to nerve damage. So, it is essential to note that if you want to improve your bed performance, you need to improve nerve damage.

Here how to fix this problem

There are plenty of ways to improve nerve damage. For sex issues, these ways involve medications, dietary supplements, self-care, and modifying your sexual life.


Erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Levitra function pretty well for up to 70% of males with diabetes. They also developed to promote sex function in females. They may even aid other types of neuropathy like leg or foot pain.

You will want to make your testosterone level checked (females, too)—low testosterone leads to low pleasure and poor sexual function. Testosterone levels can be improved by injection or with topical testosterone gel.

Women facing the pain, dryness, loss of pleasure, or difficulties with orgasm may get an advantage from estrogen pills utilized vaginally. These medications are found without a prescription.

Other medical treatments for sexual issues are prostaglandin injections, vacuum pumps, and implanted devices to produce erections. Read more about these treatments here.


Plenty of nutrients may help with neuropathy, involving sexual neuropathy. Among them are acetyl l-carnitine, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, and fish oil. A great all in one product is Neurazenx

You can also improve your dietary habits to improve your sex performance. Add more fresh vegetables, fruits, and drink plenty of water to maximize your sexual performance in bed. In this way, you can satisfy your partner and live a well-satisfied life.


From a sexual improvement, exercising has great advantages. It reduces glucose and seems to promote circulation to your genitals. It maximizes energy levels and may boost your desire.  By working out you will also increase your nitric oxide levels which in turn improve your blood flow affected by nerve damage.  Exercise is known to produce feel-good endorphins, lower cortisol levels and stimulate the release of sex hormones. Excercise also helps to reduce stress and, in turn, helps maintain a healthy sex drive. 

Behavior Change

The extensive sexual disability most individuals have believes there is only one technique to do sex. If they cannot do it their way, they become sad. Why not can you try something new? For intercourse, try various positions. 

A female on top is the most comfortable for not only her but for males as well!

Note that there is far more to sex than intercourse. Utilizing hands, mouth, toys, and imagination, individuals can have the best sex without genitals coming together.

Pay Attention to lows.

Like any exercise, sex can reduce your blood sugar. Maybe see your glucose before initiating to see where you are at. Have a glucose tablet or juice, and maybe take some before you require it to be safe and keep from having your intercourse interrupted.  

Some individuals say sex is better if their glucose is slightly higher than usual, like in the 120–130 range.

Eat right 

Eating a balanced diet is a great way to improve nerve function and improve your sex drive. 4 easy suggestions are: 

  • Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, and omega-3 rich foods and lean protein sources.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume 
  • Keep your sodium intake lower than <2,300 mg per day.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar, glute and refined grains

Take home message

Dealing with nerve damage can affect your performance in bed. The struggle is real, but you are not alone. Use tips above to gain back your identity and confidence to improve your sexual experience. 

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