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Why Being Awesome Gets You More Dates Than Being Regular Ass

You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny.  The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.  ~Irene C. Kassorla

If you let yourself get caught up in what society wants you to believe about dating, you will never be happy being single. The numbers game and the statistics are frightening but your everyday life experience should be your final barometer for success or failure.

Do people like you?

Do people find you attractive?

Are you attracting the right people?

These are not questions that the latest poll or blog post can answer for you. You know the effects but you may not know the cause. That’s where I come in. When you want to improve your dating life and possibly find yourself in a relationship I can tell you what causes others to want to invest in you, get to know you.

As the single man or woman, you deal with the effects.

First you have to stop believing in this fantasy that love will just happen. Call it forbidden fruit or Pandora’s box but at a certain age we become too “knowledgeable” to believe. While you may still be feeding yourself the excuses, you no longer have faith in them. In fact your desperation and loneliness have just about catapulted your beliefs to never-never land.

As an adult, I hope that you have come to the conclusion that actions cause reactions. And only through your own actions will love actually come, not through happenstance or serendipity.

In the stages of dating before the relationship almost everything the other person does is a direct result of something you’ve done whether knowingly or not. Of course dating is not an exact science and not everyone is going to like you but what you need to believe, understand, accept and hold dear to your heart is that the person you want should want you back. If they don’t, you are doing something terribly wrong.

Life as in dating is all about options, if you don’t have any we are going to change that.

Take a lesson from Twitter. You never want to have as many followers as people you follow. The most influential people on Twitter have thousands of followers but follow less than a hundred others.

How do you build your popularity and become someone who everyone wants? I can’t stress this enough, brand marketing.

If you think you can just roll out of bed and people will judge you by your character and not your Gap body pajama pants then stop reading. This website is clearly not for you.

I don’t write for perfectionist but I write for people who understand cause and effect. Single people who understand that seduction, game, rapport and charm are real and are ready to learn how to use these elements of interaction to their advantage. I write for people who want to step their game up.

The only way that I can help singles who are looking for dates, love, sex or God forbid a relationship is if you believe that you are in complete control of your dating destiny. You must believe that nothing happens in life as in dating that you haven’t consented to in some way, shape, form or fashion. You are the sole guardian of your heart, self-esteem, confidence and personal power. Your priority should be in keeping these qualities safe from assault and attack.

The Dating Truth can only help single men and women who are willing to assume full responsibility for their dating lives and life in general. Start with being happy being you. You’re amazeballs! Your life is off the chicken wing! I have never met anyone like you! You are the shit!

You are embarking on a journey to spread the word about your greatness. That is all successful dating is, being yourself because you’re f*cking awesome and getting others to agree.

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