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What Reality TV Can Teach Us About Dating

What Reality TV Can Teach Us About Dating

One of my proudest moments is I didn’t sell my soul for the sake of popularity.
George W. Bush

One of the amazing things about living in America in 2011 is the growth of the “me” culture. If you’re single and have ever watched a reality show, you should’ve by now realized that people are insanely selfish and self-centered. I hear complaints from women that men aren’t marriage minded. Too many men want to play the field and dating is so much more difficult because singles are thinking of themselves and they don’t want to settle down.

Men just want to play video games and shun responsibility while women are still concerned with tradition and values. While these thoughts might be popular, they’re not exactly true.

Being single in this very “me” driven culture just means you are less expected to put up with bullsh*t. If you don’t like something or someone, it’s totally acceptable to 1. Tell them so and 2. Move on.  Sure a few niceties are sacrificed but think of the time you save.

But saving time is one of the many benefits of this emerging culture that wants everything now, and customized to them. This cultural mindset is the sole reason that dating has now become f*cking awesome.

If you are single and you haven’t learned to put yourself first when it comes to dating, let me give you a crucial lesson courtesy of Bravo TV and VH1.

Be Hot

If the real housewives of any county have taught me anything it’s that being hot is a state of mind. You don’t even have to be married to be considered a housewife because it’s all about attitude and the lifestyle. If you haven’t come to terms or grips with all things fabulous, you are late to the party.

Loving you is the new thing and it’s trending all over America. I don’t even know if anyone has time to even be haters because we’re all too busy loving- ourselves. If you can’t actually be hot, you can at least think you are. Once you can sell yourself on the concept that you are sexy others will buy into it as well. Do the things that hot people, take pictures of yourself with your cell phone, start a YouTube channel and date other hot people.

Defend your fabulousity

You can’t watch a reality show these days without someone’s greatness coming into question and bows being thrown. You have to learn, as I’m hoping the new show ‘Mob Wives’ will teach us all that your reputation is worth defending. If you think you’re hot and someone tries to disagree or prove otherwise you better knock that drink out of their hand, cause it’s on like Donkey Kong.

This is not the time to fall into the traps of what other people have to say about you. You are your own PR rep and there is no one who can speak to your superiority better than you. If anyone tries to convince you that you aren’t wonderful, amazing, sent from above and the seventh letter of the alphabet, tell them with authority, they’re wrong.

Rejection fills single people with doubt. We think just because we have never enjoyed dating before, it’s impossible to start now. Having no talent did not stop Kim Zolciak from recording a hit single so you shouldn’t let anything stop you from finding potential dates.

You can even prove all the naysayers wrong by doing the very things they claimed you couldn’t and flaunting it.

Be Popular

Reality TV only works when the audience knows and cares about the stars of the show. A little known show called The Apprentice first put Bethenny Frankel on the map but she didn’t stop there. We have all seen what a sex tape has done for Kim Kardashian and am I the only person who doesn’t know what Ryan Seacrest actually does, other than stockpile money.

Absence does not always make the heart grow founder. People can only miss you if they realize that you went away. If you aren’t noticed you certainly will never be missed. More importantly, if you aren’t noticed you can never be wanted!

You’re greatest asset is getting out there. Make the time to be seen and heard. The more people who know you the better your chances for finding a date. The more friends you make and the more people who know and like you, the better your dating odds. Closed mouths don’t get fed. Stop hiding in the shadows expecting love to seek you out. Stand in the spotlight.

With warm weather spreading to every part of the country aka summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your love life. If you have the opportunity to put yourself first, you absolutely need to do it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. The days of stressing and crying over breakups and heartaches are done. RIP drama.

Now is the time to commit to life being about you and your happiness.

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