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How To Compliment A Guy To Make Him Fall For You

How To Compliment A Guy To Make Him Fall For You

Men like to be praising how cool they look or how nice they are.

If you can compliment a guy, of course, you will easily win him over. There’s a lot of terms to compliment men. Maybe if we were more confident about complimenting guys we will know better.  Most women are scared to compliment men because they’ve thought that it’s not appropriate to express too much concern. That’s just not true. When a girl compliments a man and shows their interest, it will make him feel loved. You will make him fall for you and much happier with those compliments.

Compliment For Guys To Make Them Feel Loved

A compliment to his sense of style, or preference of movies, will raise him up instantly. It can help improve your relationship with your guy in unbelievable ways. So are you always thinking about how to compliment a man? Here are the tips on how to compliment a guy :

1# Compliment With The Way He Dress

This may seem a bit weird of complimenting a guy’s personality, but actually the way a guy dresses honestly relates to their personality. Whether he is quiet and relaxed or is he catching attention.

Choosing an outfit is often a sign about someone’s character whether did they leave a lot of care and thought about it, or did they decide it wasn’t worth it. Complimenting a man’s appearance or attire will make him feel like the way he presents himself to the world is valued and respected.

2# Compliments On How He Makes You Feel

There’s nothing more exciting to a guy when he knows that his partner is happier with him. It makes him feel good that he made you happy. When you notice it and acknowledge it, for sure he will feel appreciated. You really need to give him happiness. Show to him that you’re in love with him and tell that you are so lucky to have him in your life.

3# Compliments That Appreciate His Efforts

Everybody wants to be appreciated for the effort they put into their relationship. Tell him that you appreciate what he’s doing for you. Even the smallest things, you should appreciate all of this. You tend to get more of it every time you enjoy something out loud. And even if you don’t, you still have to make him feel loved.

Here are the examples:
“You’re so nice to me. Thank you so much for caring about me.”
“You can do it, you can repair anything.”

4# Compliment His Skill

Giving someone a compliment of his intelligence is a great way to show that you value him more than just his surface quality. As an added benefit, praising a man for being intelligent can also be a small boost to himself, regardless of how you express the compliment.

When you’re struggling to find the answer to a problem, it’s going to be your man who gives you the solution. How many times did you say a question out loud, and you were stunned at the answer that your guy gave you? Compliment him for his smart advice, remind him how much he supported you and told him that you couldn’t come up with the answer to the question without him.

5# Tell Him You Love His Voice

Compliment his voice especially in bed. Does your boy have a strong tone that makes you goosebumps when he sings in your ears? You need to compliment his voice and he will remember your words every time he says a word.

Here are the examples:
“Your voice is so sexy. It’s going to give me a sexy chill.”
“I love to answer your call. Your tone is so calming to me.”

6# Compliment His Physical Appearance

All women are different when it comes to what they like about a physical male. It might be his six-pack, it might be his arms, it might be his long legs, or it might be his ass!

Whatever it is that you respect the most about his physical, he will appreciate it if you just tell him and praise him on it. Imagine how excited he would be to get a compliment from a part of his body? Then he would be on cloud nine for the rest of the day, and this gives it one of the best compliments for men.

7# Compliment His Hair Style

Most of the guys have spent a lot of money and time to style their hair. If this is something that you like about your man, you should give him a compliment. You may compliment a new hairstyle, part or color to let him recognize that you like little things about him.

A compliment is a key element of every relationship. And the beauty of complimenting a guy and making him happy is just going to make sure he’s falling in love with you again and again. So it is necessary to compliment a guy to make the relationship stronger.

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