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How To Get What You Want Out Of Dating

Dating isn’t hard. If you allow yourself to look good, have confidence and enjoy meeting strangers then dating is a cakewalk.

The only thing holding you back from finding this out for yourself is you. There’s one other obstacle standing in the way to improving your love life.


The most common of all, is the fear of rejection. There’s no feeling harder to overcome than feeling like the person you’re interested won’t be interested in you. As singles we can be our biggest challengers. We’re hard on ourselves.

When we meet potential dates we can sometimes feel that we’re not enough.

“What do I have to offer,” you might ask yourself.

And that is a legitimate question for many. Especially when the person we’d like to date seems to have it all. Looks, money, popularity and a healthy level of self-esteem.

I can’t stress this enough: Stop wanting something from someone else.

From the moment you meet someone that you like, you want something; acceptance. You want to be liked in return, and you want to be considered as a potential partner.

Want, want and want. You just can’t stop. I want something from you.

Pay close attention to what you want from someone else. When you see an attractive person or potential date where does your mind wander. You want them to ask you out, you want their number, or you want to have sex with them. The moment you begin to think these thoughts of wants, change that want to wills.

Every time you say or think ‘want’ to yourself replace it with ‘will have’. You want what? No you don’t. You will have.

I learned this handy trick from my mother at nine years old when she scolded me for ordering at a restaurant by saying ‘can I have’.

I didn’t need to ask permission to order. And since then I’ve always stated, ‘I’ll have.’ If you’re not bold enough to act on your revamped statements, I can understand but I want you to make them nonetheless.

If you want something or someone don’t say you want it, claim you will have it. And mean it.


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