How to Keep Sex Alive in Long Distance Relationships

Are you in a long-distance relationship? If so, you’re unquestionably aware of the challenges to keep the spark alive both physically and emotionally. 

It takes creativity to maintain your intimacy and stay emotionally connected to your loved one. Sexual chemistry can be kept alive by trying phone sex, sexting, mutual masturbation, sending sexy gifts, etc. 

While these methods are still successful, technology has enabled couples to bond sexually in a wilder way by using sex toys. There are various adult toys for long distance relationships, helping couples stay connected. 

See the tips below to learn how to keep the spark alive in such relationships. 

Have Erotic Conversations

The sound of your partners voice should immediately stimulate the sex drive and send your heart racing. The easiest way to keep the sex alive in a long-distance relationship is by having erotic conversations. Dirty talk can remind you of some of your previous sexual encounters or fantasize about sexual encounters in the future. Phone sex can be fun and sexually stimulating. 

Erotic communication is a skill that individuals can master over time. The more you practice talking dirty, the more natural these conversations become. Sexual intimacy isn’t always induced by tactile and visual elements, as the power of words can be intimate as well. 

Use Teledildonic Toys

Another way to maintain the sex in a long-distance relationship is by using teledildonic toys. Couples would definitely come across the term teledildonics, referring to the growing assortment of web-connected internet toys, enabling users to control the pleasure of their partner via a phone application other software. 

Couples aren’t supposed to be in the same room to stimulate each other sexually, meaning they can be at the opposite ends of the world. For instance, Lovense Max and Nora represent a pair of sex toys controlled by remote through an app that users can download on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Nora is the name for the female sex toy, whereas Max is the male toy. 

These toys can be used on your own but also synced together. When Max and Nora are synchronized, partners feel the pleasure of the other partner in the form of vibrations and rotation. Nora is a rabbit vibrator with a rotating head and a rotating arm, equipped with four vibration patterns and three power levels. It provides dual stimulation that can be controlled by your partner regardless of the distance. 

Nora’s partner, Max, is designed to look like a vagina. It’s a masturbator sleeve for males, which vibrates and contracts in order to provide a penis massage. Males can either use this toy solo or let their partners control the contractions through software. There are three contraction settings and seven patterns for vibration to enjoy maximum pleasure. 

Moreover, we-vibe sync is another sex toy to explore when it comes to long-distance relationships. It’s designed for women in the form of a cool vibrator, which is waterproof and capable of bending to different shapes. What makes this vibrator specific is the fact that it’s wearable and hands-free. This sex toy can be controlled and connected from anywhere via a Bluetooth app. Females can take advantage of eight speeds and ten vibration patterns.

Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl are among the most advanced teledildonic toys. The former is designed for males, whereas the latter is designed for women. The kiiroo onyx is a remote-controlled sex toy, which males can use on their own or with their partners. The front of the device features a strip that’s sensitive to the touch and allows users to change between three modes and change the speed. The interior part of the chamber consists of contracting rings whose job is to send pulses up and down the penis’s length. 

In contrast, Pearl is the female vibrator with nine vibration settings, which can range from slow pulsations to high vibrations. This product comes with a control panel, which is sensitive to the touch. With the help of this control panel, you can enjoy virtual sex with your loved one. 

Lush and hush is an excellent option for partners who don’t mind getting kinky. The lush stands for a vibrating egg for females, controlled by Bluetooth. Conversely, the hush is a butt plug designed for the pleasure of both partners controlled by an app. 

The lush is a silent and waterproof egg vibrator made from medical-grade silicone. This toy can be fitted inside the vagina, and its purpose is to stimulate the g-spot. The vibrations are controlled via a smartphone app. As mentioned before, the hush is a butt plug, which can be used by both males and females. Just like the lush, the hush is waterproof and made from a comfortable material like soft silicone. 

Use Bond Touch Bracelets

Another way to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationships is by wearing bond touch bracelets. These bracelets allow partners to “touch” each other in spite of the distance by using their own vibrational language.  Both partners are supposed to wear these bracelets and sync them in order to let each other know that they’re thinking about them.

Bond touch bracelets work by tapping them with your finger. When one of the partners taps his/her bracelet, the other one feels it. Naturally, there must be wireless or cell service available for the bracelets to function. Couples should create meanings for a different number of taps. For instance, a single tap can mean love you, two taps could mean you are horny, etc. Check out some expert-backed tips for keeping your long-distance sex life hot. 

Mutual Masturbation

If you’re comfortable enough, and have a secure network, you can engage in self pleasure with a long distance partner. Mutual masturbation is another method to try by couples in long-distance relationships. Nowadays, there are various applications that allow you to see each other on a webcam, such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. These sessions are a perfect opportunity for learning the likes and dislikes of your partner regarding sexual intimacy. It’s normal for the first sessions to feel weird, but the tension will dissolve quickly. 

Send Racy Emails

Another way to get sexual in a long-distance relationship is by sending sexy emails. You can send some provocative photos to your partner as foreplay for the sexual encounter to come. Make sure the photos aren’t overly revealing and don’t include your face. It’s important for the photos to show enough nude skin to trigger the interest of your partner. 

Moreover, you can even use the traditional mail to send a sexy gift to your loved one, such as a sex toy. Remember to provide instructions along with the gift for your partner to know when to use it. 

Final word

Distance shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to sexual intimacy. Try the above-mentioned methods!

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