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How To Be A Pickup Artist And Can It Work For You

How To Be A Pickup Artist And Can It Work For You

I was once a female Pick-Up Artist. Instead of sex romps and makeout sessions, my pulls eventuated to free drinks dinners and free drinks nights out. I say this because the rule of a pick-up is to have, be and stay in control, at all times.

You see a target, you have a goal, you execute a plan then voila a date is set. For the very best P.U.As the date could be immediate, back to their apartment. But for most men P.U.A methods are to get over the fear of talking to women. It’s a way for the average man, who might be overcome with nerves when around beautiful women, to get over those barriers and raise their self-esteem.

I respect the P.U.A philosophy because despite its reputation it’s not all about sex. What the method teaches is self-esteem, self-assurance and confidence. I applaud that.  But it’s not for every man.


Typical targets in a pull are beautiful women. Not cute girls or nice girls that bake cookies for your adult volleyball league. Bar dancing, sexy, intimidating women who by any other circumstances wouldn’t give you the time of day. Assuming your techniques work, you’re setting yourself up to be compared to every taller, hotter, smarter, richer, more well endowed man this woman has ever been approached by.

You not only have to get past the hurdle of being compared to prior suitors, you have to deal with every man that will try to take this super hot woman away from you. You know why you’re with her; you put your alpha male tactics to good use. Other men won’t know this and try they will, to throw salt in your game.


You’re on a mission and so are we. American Apparel has been a Godsend in my life and a wrench in PUA’s spokes since its inception. Most attractive women know what you’re trying to do. By the time a PUA gets to his target she’s already been hit on a thousand times. You’ve been taught to set yourself apart from previous men and women have been taught to look for signs that you’re setting yourself apart. Part of a PUAs success is all in numbers. If you try enough times eventually you’ll succeed but consider this; after learning basic PUA skills you’re confidence is brand new but beautiful women are veterans.


Most sites dedicated to PUA techniques include a section on how to get a girlfriend. I imagine because the kind of man that uses PUA is a former nerd or lame who was never good at getting girls to commit. Innately they are looking for a relationship. If  you’re dating a woman who is hot, smart and sleeping with you, the words p*ssy whipped come to mind. No matter how great the advice, there is nothing written that can thwart against the power of a good blow job and women know this.

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