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Single & Isolated? 5 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

Single & Isolated? 5 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

People often view being single as the ‘golden ticket’ to freedom, independence and choice.

With the current state of the entire world right now, single people now face a world that has stunningly reversed the above-mentioned ‘golden ticket’ theory into the complete opposite of what used to be the norm, literally.

On the other hand, married couples and families at least have each other to help curb fears of isolation and the unknown – together in isolation! So, where does that leave single men and women? Who can they turn to when they no longer have the ‘golden ticket’ to freedom, independence and choice thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you take just one thing from this article, remember this word “routine”

1. Meditation

Mental health dangers relating to isolation are real, make no mistake. Online Therapist Haley Neidich, LCSW states how social isolation can put us at further risk in regards to increased symptoms of depression and anxiety and can also dramatically exacerbate pre-existing mental health disorders. Access to meditation apps have given the practice broader appeal. If sitting in silence doesn’t appeal to you, consider turning to technology for support.

The Talkspace app for example, is one of many apps that offer awesome meditation tools which are free! The benefits of meditation are unquestionable. If you’re single and self-isolating, now is the time to adopt a meditation practice that works for you.

2. Online dating

Online dating sites like Free Dating Australia and Okcupid have reported upswings in organic website traffic of more than 20%. Both Bumble and Tinder said that by the end of March there were substantially more users sending messages back and forth, and engaging in longer conversations on the apps, than they were even during the beginning and middle of March. Apps that allow for video and voice chats are seeing even bigger increases.

According to a recently released article. Having that mental connection with fresh faces will help to get you to the other side and help stimulate your craving for interaction. Let’s face it, we’re all feeling the need for connection as we shelter in place. Now might be the time to start road testing some of those dating apps and chat rooms.

3. Stay busy

Find something to do. Unless you make staying busy your number 1 priority your chances of slipping into the danger zone increase exponentially. Particularly if you have lost your job due to the current economic chaos, finding distractions is crucial. Focus on that business idea you never had time for, or sign up to an online course – Groupon has some incredibly cheap online courses at the moment. Why not come through this pandemic with a new qualification or two!

4. Get active

So, the gym is closed, what can you do? For many people, heading to the gym is (was) a form of therapy. How can you replace that feeling when you put on the headphones, turn up the tunes and smash out your favourite workout at your local gym? Well, it’s not quite the same, but now is the time to force and train yourself to adapt.

Brands like Plus Fitness have made available, free of charge, their entire @Home fitness classes on demand that you can use on your tablet or laptop. Choose from over 50 workouts and stay active! And make sure you visit the outdoors in some form on a daily basis.

5. Self-reflection

Self-isolation and quarantine present a once in a lifetime opportunity to put the brakes on and truly evaluate your life. If you thought you were single and loving it now could be the time to decide if you should settle down. Coming through the other side of self-isolation could renew your sense of needing to share your life with someone special.

Of course, this is speculation, and coming through the other side, once things normalize, may also have you craving to hit the town and pick up where you left off before this unimaginable crisis landed in our backyards.

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