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Dating Site Review: Real Hookup Site – The Real Casual Dating Site

A lot of casual dating sites have appeared, especially in the last few years as new internet technology has been developed. Of these hookup sites many of them are scams or less than reputable. Others don’t have enough users to be worth using. Picking the right site to use can make a big difference.

Real Hookup Site of a website that a lot of people turn to in order to have casual sex or a no strings attached relationship.

Great Connection Building

The main feature of Real Hookup Site as we mentioned, is the ability to connect men and women for hookups. To do this, you visit the website and create an account. Accounts are free to create. Once you have an account, you will need to write yourself a profile.

Profiles contain descriptions of who you are and what you are looking for. A great profile will get you a lot further when trying to find a match, so take your time crafting it. Real Hookup Site, like many other dating platforms, has a heavy emphasis on appearance. That means your profile will also need a profile picture. Without a picture, your profile will be lacking. We recommend having a friend take your profile picture(s) for you will help you to get a quality photo that others will like.

Finding Other Users

To find other users who are looking for the same thing as you, you can utilize their search features. Real Hookup Site has a great search that allows you to navigate through the numerous users that are found on the site to find the ones that are exactly what you are looking for.

Once you have found a user, you can communicate with the instant messenger that is built into the website.

The Layout

Overall, Real Hookup Site has a very elegant but simple layout. This layout makes it incredibly easy for any user to find what they are looking for. You don’t have to be an expert in the internet to use the site.
Turn on the easy and convenient mode in order to quickly sort through people with common interests, a great interface feature.


Another major feature of the Real Hookup Site is the ability to access any number of webcams. The webcams are hosted by both models and members alike. You can watch these webcams and even chat with the people on the other end, giving you plenty of things to do while you aren’t on the numerous hookups you can find.

Find a user that doesn’t have a live webcam at the moment? You can also open up stored videos that users have. Thousands of videos are available on the platform. Everything from user’s introductions to sexy videos to help you get off.

Both men and women will find videos and webcams that are appealing to them. The website is meant to be an open platform, one that treats everyone the same, regardless of gender.

A Great Blog

Need more tips that we have on our blog? You can visit the Real Hookup Site blog where they provide helpful content for those that are new to online dating. You can also find some generally helpful tips on online hookups.

Membership Base

There are many, many members on the Real Hookup Site. So many that you are bound to have at least a few in your area that interest you. That being said, with the number of accounts that Real Hookup Site hosts, there is no way for them to vet each account individually.

You will run into scammers and fakes on the website. Make sure to exercise personal safety tips and never meet someone in a private place. If you do find a fake, make sure that you report them to the website to help keep them from trying to scam anyone else.

Overall, Real Hookup Site is a pretty good platform for finding FWB or NSA relationships on the internet. That being said, it isn’t one of the major names in the industry. We recommend that everyone take the time to read our other profiles so that they can get a feel for which casual dating site is right for them.

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