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The 5 Best Websites for Online Dating

The 5 Best Websites for Online Dating

Whether you are looking for Christian singles or this is the first time online dating, know that it’s tough. From sites that waste your time, to simply not finding the right kind of people. Your search for “the one” is going to be difficult.

That being said, online dating does have its perks and does make dating easier in a sense. You’ll be able to see that in some of the features of the sites we mention below. The sites below are definitely worth your time trying.


Since the launch of this dating site in 2000, eHarmony has been at the top of most dating lists. You may be able to find catholic singles here, but there are a plethora of other people on this site.
But what’s so interesting about this site is it’s founded by a former clinical psychologist and marriage counselor. From their background, the founder compiled years of dating data and figured out the key to long-term relationship success.

All of this is formed through their patented Compatibility Matching System. They use the answers to determine partners.

Examples of questions are things like:

  • Are you religious?
  • Have any kids?
  • Can you build romance in a relationship?

This test is updated on the regular to ensure consistency.


Match is another dating site that has stood the test of time. It started in 1995 and has stayed relevant through other means. Rather than a compatibility test, Match requires its users to express themselves through partner preferences and free writing sections.

One of the other massive aspects to this site is the devotion to privacy. You can always message other people anonymously and can withhold even your name and contact info. One rub to this site is that this site appeals more to the older audience. That reason is because people have stated the profiles with younger individuals appear fake.


By far one of the cleanest interfaces you can find for a dating service. This site is designed for long-term relationships. That much is clear when you look at their test. It’s a 5 Factor Personality Questionnaire which you need to take before you register. Similar to eHarmony’s test, they’ll find matches based on your answers.
But like with most other dating sites, one big rub to this site is the screening process. You still have a risk of finding incompatible people or fake profiles. It’s still worth a risk regardless and seeing where it takes you.


Up to this point, the sites above are for people who have a picture of what they want. But what if you don’t have an idea? We suggest trying our FirstMet. It’s a dating site built for those who aren’t quite sure what they want (with respect to relationship style). As such, the site doesn’t have any compatibility matching.

And while that can be disheartening for some, do keep in mind that the lack makes it easy for what sort of people come to the site. This lack suggests most are looking for light dating, meeting people, or having a little fun. Those looking for something serious are likely in the minority on this site.

Even if people aren’t sure what they want, there is no harm in dating and having a little fun. This at least provides a fair open ground for people to experiment.


One of the newly launched dating sites, it’s considered a top tier dating site for various reasons. First, it uses your Facebook Friend List to match you with singles within the area. It’s also unique in that your profile is built in non-traditional methods. The profile is built based on the response to three questions. It doesn’t sound like much, however, it’s surprising to piece together a lot about someone from people’s responses.

A nice added touch is that people must fill out that profile before getting access to any of the features. It doesn’t necessarily screen fake profiles, but it ensures a better group of people than others.

Dating is not easy and while online dating has made things easier in some areas it still has challenges. Regardless, try these sites out and maybe you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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