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How to Tell If A Crush Likes You

How to Tell If A Crush Likes You

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than having someone that you like, like you back. There might be a man or woman in your life that you have a crush on. Maybe a co-worker, an old friend, a relative of a friend, or a stranger you met on the Internet – you’ve come across someone who has sparked your interest.

Before you take the leap and share your feelings, maybe even asking them out, you want to know that they like you.

How can you tell if your crush is into you?

Online on Social Media

It isn’t a perfect science but social media behavior can be a sign of interest in these modern times. If your crush follows you on social media or is connected with you in any way, that is a good sign. A few ways to tell that they might be interested is to see how often they engage with your activity. Some engagement metrics could be:

  • Do they like or comment on your posts
  • Do they send you messages
  • Do they follow your activity at all

Any engagement is good. If on the flip side, you have sent a friend request or asked to connect on social media and you haven’t heard anything – then they might not have an interest after all.

Keep in mind that social media is just one sign that your crush likes you.

Offline In Person

If you’re lucky enough to engage with this person on a regular basis such as if they are the barista at your local coffee shop, a bartender at your favorite restaurant, or maybe a friend of a friend, then there are some classic signs of interest that you should look for.


If someone is going out of their way to notice something about you and has the guts to speak up about it, that is an indicator of interest. If it seems that the person is genuinely impressed with you, take that as a positive sign.


Anyone asking you personal questions might be interested in you romantically. More than just small talk and the typical ‘How are you’, look for signs that they are diving deeper into your life. If they are asking you questions about your activities, your thoughts, your past, or your interests then that is a very good indication that the flirtation is genuine and there is real interest.

Suggest Plans

If your crush starts suggesting plans then you have a very high probability that they are romantically interested in you. It’s one thing to ask about what you have planned for the weekend or maybe an upcoming holiday or event, but to suggest making plans is a new level. Anyone who suggests that you make plans is showing that they like you. It is fair to say, romantically. If you aren’t sure, there are quizzes to help you get more answers.

If your crush suggests that you ‘get together’, that is a good sign that they might have a crush on you too.

They Contact You

If your crush has your phone number, or you have a way to connect – such as playing video games together, or via social media and they reach out to you – they like you. It’s not a definitive sign but it is the clearest sign of them all.

Someone who is directly seeking you out likely has a romantic interest in you.

It could be a coworker texting you directly about a project outside of work hours, or a friend calling you on a regular basis. Sometimes the outreach is subtle but private one on one communication is a very good sign. If your crush is making the effort to connect with you directly it’s likely that they have a crush too.

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Do you have a crush on someone but aren’t sure if they like you back? Here are a few signs that you can look for online, and offline to know for sure.

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