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The Best Dating Tips for Single Women Who Hate To Date

The Best Dating Tips for Single Women Who Hate To Date

Dating should be an adventure that is fun and exciting. When you are looking for love, the search can be daunting and draining. One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a rich dating experience free from excessive drama and disappointment is to have a set of guidelines to follow.

Like so many adventures in life, this sage advice applies. If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong. You might hate dating and feel like its a chore. If that is you, then this advice will come in handy.

Below are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your dating journey.

1. Avoid telling a lie at all costs

As hard as it can be to resist the urge to embellish your life’s achievements, it is crucial that you never misrepresent yourself. Granted, this first important rule can be hard to follow when you are trying to impress that attractive man you’re crushing on.

Just remember, if you lie at the very beginning of your relationship, it will be very difficult to build trust with him later on when he finds out you mislead him.

2. Remember always, that he doesn’t owe you anything and you don’t owe him anything

One of the fastest ways to ruin the dating experience is to start expecting the moon from a man you just met. Dating is about getting to know one another. It’s supposed to be a time for having fun and frolicking, not meeting ridiculous expectations that belong in a child’s book of fairy tales.

Don’t let him do that to you either. Never allow a man to make you feel guilty because you did not meet his expectations. This idea of not being obliged to meet some arbitrary standard applies to you both. Getting to know one another should be a low-pressure situation that is both non-threatening and fun for both parties.

3. Know your deal-breakers and stick to them

Before you start dating, you need to isolate three things that make it impossible for you to have a relationship with a particular man. Link those deal-breakers to values, personality, or character traits. Examples of deal-breakers might be a heavy drinker, a smoker, and a man who is separated from his wife but not divorced yet.

Deal-breakers are different for everyone. Try not to create issues over physical or financial factors as a way to keep your mind open for making important exceptions. Remember, no one is perfect. Compromise is necessary in the real world.

4. Don’t try to play it too cool as some manipulative, hard-to-get dating strategy

While it makes sense to remain calm and keep some of the mystery alive surrounding who you are, it is not a good idea to chase him off by playing games. There is research that backs up this tip about needing to give the guy some positive feedback early on or risk losing his interest.

5. Don’t ignore red flags in the name of love

Red flags often pop up as a way to warn us about a person who appears to be dishonest or a bit unsavory. Trust your gut. Your instincts will protect you if you listen to them.

For example, he might say he’s completely unattached, but you find a child’s toy in his car. When you ask him about it, he averts his eyes and mutters that he has no idea where that toy came from. There is usually a justification for those suspicions you have. Don’t let your intuition go unexplored.

6. Be emotionally vulnerable and open to a new relationship

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t a bit cautious in dating after relationship failures. We’ve all got some baggage that demands that we act courageously in order to move forward.

No one wants to get hurt again. By opening up your heart to new men and experiences, you give yourself a chance to find the right guy worthy of your trust and love. The big question is, How to tell him I like him?

7. Tear up that wish list for finding the perfect man

There is nothing wrong with staying true to your deal-breakers list, but you need to be realistic about your expectations. Otherwise, you are sure to miss out on some eligible bachelors with a lot of potential. This doesn’t mean that you should date anyone but you should know what signs you’re looking for and avoid anyone who doesn’t show these signs.

Avoid being too choosy, and rendering a negative verdict too quickly. People are often nervous on the first date. It’s best to know what behaviors you’re looking for and find the guy that shows those characteristic.

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