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The Most Romantic Places to Visit after Lockdown

The Most Romantic Places to Visit after Lockdown

The outbreak and spread of Corona virus has brought so many things into an abrupt halt – traveling included. With the recent government travel restrictions, it is practically impossible to move around freely let alone go on a holiday. While such restrictions may prevent you from actualizing your travel and holiday dreams, you are still free to dream! 

How about an inspiration for your post-lockdown holiday? This guide lists some of the world’s most romantic places to visit. Read on to sample exclusive places you can visit after lockdown. 

5 Top World’s Romantic Getaways to visit Post-lockdown

1. Soak Up in Venice’s Romance

Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This classic European hotspot is an ideal and enchanting destination to spent time with your loved one. There’s Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, and St. Mark’s Square to visit, plus a lot more. The Rialto’s food markets have every cuisine you need to spice up the romance. 

If you want to move out of the centre, the Islands of Murano and Burano have a colorful architecture to discover. A visit to any of these islands will be a wonderful change of scenery and pace. 

2. Spice up Your Romance with Singapore’s Beautiful Sceneries

Singapore has numerous beautiful and romantic sites to see, from taking pictures at the Batok Town park to enjoying the calm atmosphere of St. John’s Island. The island’s must-visit sceneries include the greenery offers, the blue lagoons, and the lush gardens. The most outstanding and best part of your stay in this island is the idea of spotting the Dolphins.

You can’t imagine missing this breathtaking experience. All you need is the company of someone you love!

3. Go off the Grid in Western Australia

If watching the stars on an isolated beach away from the town is your idea of a romantic getaway, then Sal Salis in Western Australia is the destination for you. Located on Ningaloo Reef’s untouched shores, over 1300 kilometers away from the city, this isolated beach is a complete World Heritage Area. It has an incredible population of diverse wildlife. 

All you need is soak yourself in a landscape full of beautiful sceneries. From a private boat tour to watch the passing humpback whales and resident sharks to snorkeling the coral reef, or exploring the spectacular sand dunes. Your options are limitless here.

4. Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Swiss Alps on Glacier Express

Traveling half the world may not be practical, but do you have to? You don’t. A short visit to Switzerland can be one of the most important decisions you ever made about adding a spark in your relationship. Riding the iconic red train that snakes its way over stunning bridges, through Alpine valleys, and snow-covered forests is enough for a romantic vacation.

Glacier Express is the slowest train you will ever ride in the world. It gives you a magical winter break. Besides riding the train, you will enjoy a cruise in the lake and tour the underrated Bern city. 

5. Australia’s Palm Cove, QLD

Australia tops the list of the most diverse countries in the world. While such diversity may make it challenging to settle on a potential romantic holiday destination, the Palm Cove is definitely not in this mix. Romance is well spelt out in its peaceful, laid-back Reef alternative, great sunrises, and amazing tropical beachfront atmosphere.

Located in the middle of Port Douglas and Cairns in Tropical North QLD, Palm Cove makes a perfect destination if you are in the hunt for a reef and beach destination for a peaceful and romantic time with your loved one.

A date with someone you love is itself precious, but traveling with your loved one ignites intimacy and romance. Think about how pleasurable it can be when you visit any of the most romantic places listed here together. Perhaps it is high time you added a touch of romance in your relationship. Pick a place, forget all the wearies of the world and enjoy beautiful scenes, nature, and finger-licking cuisine – just the two of you!

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