Home Attraction Why Are Men So Obsessed With Women’s Breasts?

Why Are Men So Obsessed With Women’s Breasts?

Why Are Men So Obsessed With Women’s Breasts?

Why is it that men are constantly being caught staring at boobs? What makes them so attractive? Why is a woman’s worth as a mate so connected to the size of her chest?

These are questions that people have been asking themselves for as long as people have been around. There’s no doubt that boobs are hot. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to see why, though. In theory, they should just be body parts that do a job. The elbow helps your arm bend, the jaw helps you talk and the boobs help you feed your children. But why do they turn us on?

The Primal Need to Reproduce

The simplest and most often quoted reason is simple biological need. Boobs feed babies. Women make babies. If you want to make good babies, you have to make them with women that can feed them. The bigger the boobs happen to be, the more she can feed her children. It’s a good explanation for all of the men who are obsessed with giant boobs. Just take a look at a huge boobs webcam site and you’ll see just how massive the mammary glands need to be to bring in the huge audiences.

Easy to Stimulate

You can’t talk about boobs without talking about nipples. They’re the point of the boobs, both literally and figuratively. Nipples are the spout for the milk and they’re a whole lot of fun to play with. There are some women in the world who can achieve orgasm with nothing more than nipple stimulation. Not only is that a great way to get the job done, it also saves the men and women from pruned fingertips at the end of a bang.

Looking at a nice set of boobs is the same thing as looking at a special button that turns the girl on and it lets your mind run wild with all of the possibilities.

Women are Obsessed, too

Saying that it’s just the men who love boobs is wrong. Women are just as obsesses with them. All you have to do is ask a girl if she likes her breasts. She’s always going to have an opinion. Women use their boobs to compare themselves with other women. They play with them and they show them off when they’re looking for a mate.

They’re not just doing it because they know guys like them. They’re doing it because they’re assets that they want to use for themselves.

They’re Always Covered Up

One of the biggest reasons for the obsession is simply the fact that we can’t see them all of the time. They’re always covered up by shirts, jackets, or bikinis out in public. We’re visual creatures and we need to see what everyone has going on. There’s a reason that leaked nudes of celebrities blow up the entire world. When we see women, we want to see them naked.

We want to see the boobs that they have to lug around. The problem is that we’re not allowed to. That drives us crazy. Go to a tribal civilization where women are always naked from the waste up and no one cares about boobs. We can’t get them, so we want them that much harder.

You Can See them Online

Luckily, we all live in the future. We don’t have to spend our lives without boobs. We can see them online whenever we want. We can see them in any shape or size that we want. But being able to cater to our desires just makes use obsess over them a little bit more.

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