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Two Easy Phrases To Become An Instant Pickup Artist

In the pick-up artist language ‘day game’ is defined as the ability to successfully hit on/ pick-up a woman during the day.

You can measure your success depending on if you get a woman’s phone number or if you are able to create an instant date out of the moment. Say you meet a woman at a book store, if she agrees to grab a cup of coffee with you in a near by Starbucks, that’s successful ‘day game’.

Women can also execute skilled ‘day game’ by approaching a man then getting him to take over the flirtation by asking her out and taking her phone number. Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s important to practice and master the art of ‘day game’ for many reasons. Single men and women resent that clubs, bars and evening events are the only way to meet potential dates. The benefits of ‘day game’ are that people look and act more of themselves during the day, singles are less guarded and of course almost no competition.

You may never have considered yourself pick-up artist material in the past. Some may look at the concept negatively but just for the sake of this exercise imagine yourself an expert PUA. You are out and about, possibly on your lunch break and you see an attractive stranger, what should you say?

Think for a moment what makes a single man or woman approach a potential date? Most likely its not only that we find this person attractive but we are also very close to the person. I have, however, been victim of men who decided to cross streets, make u-turns and go excessively out of their way to get my attention but most likely we speak to attractive strangers because they are close to us; physically. Proximity is your first step in approaching a potential partner. You never want to indicate that you’ve been working up the nerve to speak to this person and you surely don’t want to scare them by coming out of nowhere. When you are in a close, safe, distance to whom you want to talk to, make a move.

A Bold Compliment or “You look like…”

When men hit on me, I get overwhelmed with the feeling that they want something from me. I am too busy for them and I need to keep things moving. Statements especially compliments create pause in most people. A busy single might not have time for “Hey what’s your sign” but tell them they look like Brad Pitt and suddenly they are all ears.

I have to admit that my favorite compliment is when men tell I’m the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. I always have time to hear that. Compliments work best with a little exaggeration; words like gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, fantastic, etc always break the ice. If you see a good looking man, stop him and tell him his jacket or tie is absolutely gorgeous. Ask him where he got it.

A single man can stop a woman anytime to tell her that she looks incredibly stunning it will undoubtedly capture her attention. Most adults single or not, will take a moment to receive a sincere sounding compliment. Now that you have their attention, I suggest just for practice sake that you move on. If you find that you have chemistry with one or two people, it’s likely that they will keep the exchange going. If you feel confident enough to continue flirting by all means, do it.

Another great statement you can make is using the phrase “You look like…” I first came across this technique in a video post by social expert Alex Coulson. When you find yourself in perfect proximity to an attractive person say, “You look like you need a red bull,” or “You look like you have an amazing job.”

It’s a quirky, off-hand; unexpected comment that always breaks the ice. It’s flirtatious in that it can be completely silly or dead on. You might say, “You look like you’ve had a hard day,” and watch as this stranger reveals the perils of their life.

Single men and women like to be approached. It’s flattering. The most important technique isn’t quite what you say but to convey the message that want nothing in return. You don’t want to seem like you’re only saying hello so that you can ask for a number.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Leave your comment below.

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