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What Reality Says About Your Love Life

What Reality Says About Your Love Life

When I first joined YouTube, I made a video expressing my honest opinions on how men should go about attracting women.

It was not well received.

While I thought I was sharing valuable insights on dating and the mentality of women, the men viewing my videos ardently disagreed. Because I consider myself more the writer than video blogger, I didn’t respond to the comments left by angry, presumably dateless, video watchers.

I chocked their disdain for my videos as the truth hitting home and a natural reaction to anyone who is called on their bullshit.

Sore losers basically, emphasis on loser, because who else has time to watch youtube videos about dating then leave scathing comments. What I’ve learned in my experience giving dating advice is that the people who seek it need it. And the people who need it the most, tend to disagree with hard truths.

Men and women a like hate hearing the truth when it’s not pleasant.

What I did learn from my most popular YouTube videos is that happy, well-rounded, intelligent single people don’t leave irate, obscenity filled rants on other people’s YouTube channels. They just don’t.

This is the reality of how our behavior shapes or states who we are. Can you be brave if you act cowardly? Can you be confident if you at insecure? Is it possible to be the opposite of how you behave?

I don’t think so.

So while you may believe that you’re a “catch”, the kind of man or woman who others would love to be partnered with, how many people are actually vying for the opportunity?

In other words, do people want you? Anyone? When I read some of the comments on my most popular videos, I came to one conclusion; these men are not being realistic.

It might not be possible or practical for every single (unmarried) man or woman to follow my advice to the letter but the beauty of free advice is that you can take what does apply and leave what doesn’t apply. In my years of being an adult, I’ve never met a single (unmarried) man or woman who didn’t have negative behaviors that were impacting their love lives. I am one of those people. We all have flaws.

But if you’re single, unhappy and starting to become lonely, desperate (possibly unrealistic) then you’re the problem.

Yes, YOU!

You are not attractive enough, funny enough, or interesting enough to date the people you want to date. You are too sensitive, too clingy, and too aggressive and your expectations are too high! Yes, yours!

You’re a perceived loser (don’t act like you don’t know what that word means), desperate, lonely and insufficient as a partner. – Say the people who reject you. And all those people can’t be wrong, can they?

Reality doesn’t lie.

While you can disagree to the reasons why you’re single, you can’t disagree with the reality of your dating life.

  • Do you get dates?
  • Are you asked on dates?
  • Are you more likely to reject others or be rejected?
  • Do people of the opposite sex make physical advances towards you?
  • Do you feel desired?
  • Are you told that you’re attractive, funny, smart, or complimented in any capacity by anyone you find remotely interesting?

Do you get the point I’m trying to make? What does your current love life say about you? What is the reality of why you’re single and are you ready to face it? Only when you face it, can you change it.


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