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Which Photo Should You Post on a Dating Site

Which Photo Should You Post on a Dating Site

Which photo will get you the maximum attention in cyberspace—the smart one in your office formals or the seductive one on the beach? Or will that serene close-up do wonders? Should you post a single shot online or is more the merrier? A profile without a photo might not never be read; at least one study by Perfect.is found a lack of a photo to be an online dating “deal breaker,” Here are tips to make sure you get the pick of the litter.

Which Photograph Do I Pick?

Be sure the person in the picture looks like you! You obviously want to attract more attention online, but you would not want your date to go into cardiac arrest the moment he sees you! Do not post a picture flaunting your teenage crowning glory when your present hairline is receding as fast as Michael Jackson’s career.

Pick a recent photograph which represents the current “you.” A sexy shot taken at your teen-party ages ago may make your dates fall all over each other to contact you, but send them scurrying away at double the pace when they see you in person!

If you chose only one photo to post online, make sure it is a natural one. A picture taken when you are happy, relaxed, and carefree always makes up for any flaws.

Girls, a touch of lipstick and a dash of mascara will help, but avoid posting pictures where it is obvious you are “done-up.” Glamorous looking photographs may make viewers wonder what you look like without makeup.

Flaunt what you have! Post the picture with that million dollar smile if you have one. Seductive eyes or luscious, sensual lips can garner the instant attention you deserve! If you are a perfect 10 (or close enough) display a full-length profile for all to notice you are in great shape!

Chose pictures which are clear and bright, clicked in good light. You do not want anyone to suspect you are trying to hide something.

Provocative pictures are an absolute no-no. They scream “desperation” and may put off daters looking for genuine relationships.

Select pictures which highlight your personality and where you appear confident. A nervous, anxious looking photo will not gather much interest online.

How Many Photos Do I Post Online?

A single good-quality photograph is all you need to be “seen” online, but a few more photos which highlight your different facets will obviously help to represent you more accurately. Apparently, more pictures will get you more attention. (The more pictures you post, the greater the chances that viewers may like at least one of them!) But that doesn’t mean to upload your entire photo-album right from your nursery days! It would make you appear you are trying too hard to get noticed!

Two or three shots posted online would seem an ideal choice. Any more would be excruciating. Online daters short of time may prefer scanning other 2-3 other profiles instead!

See to it that the pictures you choose represent you the most. Just because you don’t want to reveal your pear-shaped physique, doesn’t mean you post only close-ups of your face. It may be too obvious that you want to conceal something! Select from close-ups, three-quarter length profiles, full body shots, long-distance shots or pictures revealing your interests (a ski shot or one with your pets).

With online daters having a choice of thousands at their finger tips, the first impression does matter a lot. It is worth the effort to spend some quality time selecting the right pictures to post online. Good luck in finding a “picture perfect” date!

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