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Why Embracing Your Flaws Is Good For Dating

Do you know what separates cool people from losers? Self awareness.Next to confidence, self-awareness is the most important attribute that a person can have. Self –aware people aren’t the most attractive people in the world but they are the most receptive to others. If there is potential to date someone of quality, self-aware people can identify the situation and usually excel.

If you aren’t self-aware, you could be missing out on great dating opportunities. Not only are you not connected with yourself you probably lack the ability to connect with others. You are in denial about what qualities you may or may not possess making it impossible to be realistic about your love life.

If you aren’t self-aware, it’s okay. At least now you are aware of your lack of self awareness, that’s at start. Now is the time to become more self aware and I can tell you how. There is only one way to do it. Achieve this and you will improve your love life. I promise you.

Recognize your flaws

Every person has two kinds of flaws:

  1. The things we don’t like about us that we can change
  2. The things others don’t like about us that we can change

The things we don’t like about ourselves that can be changed directly affect our self-esteem and influence our confidence. Knowing that you could be thinner, read more, volunteer more often etc. affect our self-value when we fail to act on changing these aspects of ourselves.

It’s important to recognize what it is that you don’t like about yourself and focus on making changes or accepting it. No one is perfect. No one expects you to be perfect and if you are extremely influenced by a false sense of peer pressure to be perfect, you need to evaluate your life more deeply. There will never be a person that everyone likes, thinks is attractive and who never makes mistakes. It ain’t you, and it ain’t ever gonna to be you. KNOW THIS!

Who you can be however is a person that respects themselves and others.

The other kind of flaw are what others say about us. Whether we want to accept it or not there are aspects to our personalities that we just can’t see. The negative aspects are what affects the kinds of relationships we have and how well we are liked by others. Those who believe what others see in them as flaws are the self-awareness winners who adjust these bad personality habits as they are discovered.

You might talk a lot, or never let other people finish a sentence. Maybe you are argumentative, a negative Nelly or just down right dumb. You can embrace these flaws and begin to make changes.

You can’t change what you fail to acknowledge.

It’s unlikely that we can diagnose the flaws that annoy the hell out of others on our own but one way or another you will find out that they exist. Hopefully before you get dumped for the 18th time. When you do discover your flaws, don’t ignore them, instead fix them. If you aren’t lucky enough to be made aware of your flaws, you can find out if you have any (and I know that you do) by evaluating your relationships with people or just flat-out asking.

No one is perfect and the worst thing you can do for your dating life is to pretend that you are. It’s a waste of time and honestly one’s buying it.


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