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Why Sex and Sports Make A Better Mix Than You Think

Why Sex and Sports Make A Better Mix Than You Think

Have you ever thought about the connection between libido and fitness? There is an opinion that spending an insane amount of energy on physical exercises, we strengthen the muscles but prevent full sexual intimacy because our bodies simply don’t have resources on it. We should figure out whether this is really so.

Naked truth

Numerous studies have shown that men, who exercise for an hour 5 times a week, have a more active sex life and their sexual function is markedly improved. The more regular exercise, the more research participants were satisfied with their sex life. As for women (see more here https://datingbrides.com/), studies have shown that ladies involved in sports get excited easily and they quickly reach the peak of pleasure. So, the advantages are obvious.

Sports and libido

As American scientists have found out, physical exercises are in positive correlation with the power of sexual desire, that is, in reality, sports increases the person’s libido. So, only a few weeks in the gym and we begin to feel more attractive and also become more natural and relaxed in bed.

Sports and sexual stamina

A person, who exercises regularly, becomes stronger, more flexible, and more enduring. His/her physical form is improved, muscles and joints are strengthened, and the flow of blood to the small pelvis (which is especially important for women) ensures the health of the reproductive function. Of course, a sportsman can satisfy his passion much longer, and a sportswoman gets excited faster and gets a desirable orgasm. Also, good physical training gives a wide scope in the choice of sexual positions.

Sports and hormones

A month of regular training can increase the level of testosterone in the organisms of both sexes. How does this affect a man? Increased libido is also associated with an increase in testosterone levels in men after 6 weeks of regular strength training, while in women – after 8 weeks. The higher the level of testosterone in men, the more likely they have an erection, increased sexual desire, improve bone density, and increase muscle strength. How does testosterone affect a woman’s body?

She is more active and energetic, acquires self-confidence, copes better with stress and fatigue, and is also more excited and more likely to have sexual desire. In addition, playing sports contribute to the release of endorphins (pleasure hormones) and adrenaline.

Sports and self-esteem

Regular physical activity increases self-esteem and eliminates many complexes. So, a person feels better, likes physical form, and often feels more successful than colleagues. Pleased with oneself, he or she makes it easier to make new acquaintances, communicates at ease with a circle of the opposite sex, and therefore, has more chances of success. This is one more benefit of sports, right?

Caution – danger!

Active sports don’t spend but replenish the resources of a body, strengthening the libido and the possibilities of a man and a woman. Sex becomes an exciting game, in which you can play longer and with more excitement. The only warning: too intense cardio, strength and endurance training, during which the heart rate exceeds 90 beats per minute longer than for 2 minutes in a row, have the opposite effect of suppression of sex hormones. So, don’t be too diligent with cardio training and dumbbells as excessive enthusiasm (typical for bodybuilders and professional athletes), on the contrary, extinguishes sexual desire and suppresses sex hormones. It is important to know the measure in all things!

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