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Why You Should Ignore Opinions About Your Love Life

Why You Should Ignore Opinions About Your Love Life

I need to break some bad news to you.

No one and I repeat NO ONE gives a shit about your love life except for you.

Most of us in first world countries are too self-involved in our own dramas to concern themselves with anyone else much less you and who you are or aren’t dating.

Part of why singles are stymied in their dating success is because they’re too worried about being judged. They think people will think they’re desperate, miserable, a loser or worse lonely. And maybe you will be talked about, for like a second, then everyone will continue to live their lives because what they’re doing is way more important to them than your dates.

The idea that somewhere, somehow, our love lives will be placed under a microscope and scrutinized is absurd and impractical. Take for example Rihanna or Taylor Swift, two of the worlds biggest music stars. They know everyone is talking about who they’re dating but they carry on with their lives.

Then take you.

No one has to know that you were stood up, lied to, betrayed, dumped, laughed at, embarrassed, used, degraded, and I could go on. Furthermore, no one cares!

You’re happiness has to be based on more than the half-assed opinions of friends, family and acquaintances. The only opinion that matters is that of your potential dates. And of course YOURS! What you think about yourself and what you’re willing to do to create a healthy relationship is no one’s business. Don’t be ashamed about having an Eharmony profile or signing up for singles mixers.

If you’re actively seeking a solution to your lackluster love life, I applaud you.

It’s better than doing nothing!

Just when you stop yourself from taking a step out of your comfort zone because you’re afraid of “what people might think” remind yourself that people don’t care. They might mindlessly chat about you but gossipers will talk about anyone regardless.

Never let what other’s think stop you from dating. Yours is the only opinion that really matters. Never forget that.


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