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How to Make Love to Your Woman All Night Long

How to Make Love to Your Woman All Night Long

In life, there are a few things which are bound to last only for a short amount of time. For instance, things which you are fond of power naps, pizzas, movies, music, ice cream, and many more. But sex is definitely is one such thing, which is meant to last long. However, there is always a scope in sexual intercourse for a quickie. But, mostly, it is preferable to have a long-lasting and fulfilling sexual experience. Subsequently, which is enjoyed by both the partners and makes them feel a sense of belonging to each other. 

There are a few sex therapists who work at the Society for Sex Therapy and Research who conduct a survey. Initially, they found out that the time that’s considered as ‘desirable’ for sex lasts for around seven to fourteen minutes. But, then they get to know that it’s the time limit for only getting involved in vaginal sex. Subsequently, that’s the reason why it is such a small span of time. 

Therefore, if you are looking to attain a substantial session during your next sexual intercourse, here are a few ways:

  • Sex is not just penetration: You will find that the definition of sex varies from person to person. However, it is vital for all men and women to know that sex is not only the act of penetration. It includes a number of other things as well like cuddling, roleplays, massaging, foreplay, kissing, using sex toys and much more. Subsequently, all these things add up to determine your level of orgasm. And, if you are keen enough all the other aspects then the aspect of penetration won’t bother you much. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, penetration lasts only for a few minutes. Whereas, discovering all other aspects of sex might make you feel that even a whole night is not much. 
  • Arouse him at lower levels: Xanet Pailet is a globally renowned author and reveals something very interesting in the book called ‘Living an Orgasmic Life’. The author explains that the reason for men ejaculating in less time is because of being highly aroused. And, eventually, the act of making love ends up in a short intercourse session. Therefore, a man should know what he needs to do to attain lower levels of testosterone and maintain a substantial ejaculation period. And a woman needs to keep her man’s testosterone in check by not reaching to the act of penetration soon. Further, it’s advisable for a couple to explore all other aspects of sex.
  • Practice maintaining harmony: Nowadays, most men consider sex as a tool to release their pressure from a tiring day by going to any extent and putting all the energy remaining. However, it is exactly the opposite of that and sex requires mindfulness and constant breathing. It’s because only being harmonious and steady with your breathing ensures that a man has a sustainable erection. Further, maintaining both of it also increases the span of a man’s ejaculation. A tip to ensure harmony is trying to be mindful when you are outside of your bedroom. Subsequently, this will help you maintain the same level of mindfulness and breathing pattern while getting indulged in sexual intercourse. 
  • Release your stress by focusing on your partner’s pleasure: There is always a possibility of a man feeling too much pressure while getting indulged in a sexual intercourse session. Subsequently, if a man needs to release his stress, then he should try focusing on his partner’s pleasure. This will result in his mind getting off from thinking about lasting long. Further, he will be able to enjoy more and satisfy his partner. Eventually, it will help both of them to have a fulfilled sexual intercourse session. 
  • Try Masturbation: The best way to ensure a long-lasting and durable erection is to masturbate before getting indulged in sexual activities. It’s because having sex without masturbating makes your penis a loaded gun. Subsequently, it will fire as soon as it gets any sense of orgasm. But, if you can make your man masturbate before an hour, so then it will take a longer time for him to ejaculate. You can do it by using sex toys in-front of him. And, after you are done with masturbation, then you are to build up your sensual atmosphere. Further, you can consider opting for some foreplays or just smooth cuddling for regaining the momentum. Subsequently, this will help you arouse your man slowly and swiftly, rather than giving him a high level of orgasm. And, eventually, you man will be able to pace himself better, and both of you will have better collaboration.

Few other methods to last long are trying some modern sex techniques like spooning, 69 position, doggy style etc. Therefore, now you can make sure your intercourse session lasts all night long by following all the techniques mentioned above.  

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