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Your UnHappiness Might Be Keeping You Single

Your UnHappiness Might Be Keeping You Single

I would like to introduce you to someone.

This individual is beautiful, caring, intelligent, lovable, generous, talented, inspiring, funny and although not perfect a wonderful human being and contributor to society. If you look into mirror you will see this person for yourself but not as you have always seen them. Try to see this person as the person I previously described.

Despite what your own thoughts maybe there are certain truths about who you are, how you look and your place in life that cannot be denied. When you begin to accept these truths you can begin to heal your life and move forward in fulfilling your personal destiny.

Accept that you’re not perfect.

Identifying the difference between who you really are versus who you think you are begins when you open your mind to the realization that no one can achieve perfection. This delusion must be replaced with the understanding that happiness is about satisfaction not perfection.

It may seem an obvious concept that no one on earth can ever be perfect yet everyday we beat ourselves up about not being smarter, thinner, more loved or for making mistakes. Who you are at this very minute is exactly who you were meant to be. Every experience you have been through up to this very moment has created the person reading this post.

Nothing in the past should remain relevant to who you are in the future once you’ve made the decision to change.

It is incredibly easy to blame ourselves for things we should’ve said or done differently. We constantly live in the past until and lose sight of how to move forward.

Moving forward can only happen when we find a true destination. Every action we indulge in should have one purpose: happiness. Truth creates happiness while lies destroy it. The same is said about wealth and is true universally for anything we want to be “rich” in.

The most difficult obstacle on the road to becoming truly happy is recognizing the difference between what is true and what is our own skewed opinion based on others’ standards and beliefs.

The power to heal yourself is up to you. Once you let go of old wounds and pains that have manifested themselves into insecurities you are free to follow your own path to satisfaction. Regardless of IQ, emotional intelligence is what allows an individual to develop successful relationships with themselves and others.

When you develop a clear understanding of your feelings you can diminish the amount of negative feelings by immediately identifying them then releasing them.

Our emotions largely define the people we are.

How we feel about the way we look, the way we interact with others, the circumstances in which we live as well as the cards we have been dealt in life contribute to how happy we perceive ourselves to be.

I always say that you don’t need to be happy to date. In fact, being unhappy and complaining about life brings more people together everyday than real joy. If you choose however, not to follow the things as they are consider doing the following:

  • Raise your emotional intelligence by identifying your own personal truth.
  • Create love and acceptance of yourself.
  • Abolish feelings of fear, unworthiness and dissatisfaction with life.

It won’t be an easy journey, the work is tough and sometimes overwhelming but if you want to be happy it’s more than worth it.

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