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10 Dating Tips from the Professionals

10 Dating Tips from the Professionals

Dating doesn’t have to be hard.

Dating can be a great way to get to know someone. Most people are open to suggestions. The following highlights those dating tips that professionals have provided down through the years.

1. Don’t Fall In Love After the First Date

A first date can be a lot of fun. When the chemistry is there it may seem like this is the person of your dreams. You may not know why you need to take things slow when the first date is presumably going so well. The reality, however, is that your desire to be overeager is only going to scare off your potential mate. It is good to express interest in the person that you are going out with, but you never fall in love after the first date.

2. Do Call After the Initial Date

It is common courtesy to make that call after the first date.

In this day and age of technology, a text message is also acceptable. It is your duty to at least acknowledge that you had a good time. This type of conversation can open up things to let you know if your date enjoyed themselves as well. It gives you the ability to find out if there is any potential for a second date.

3. Let Your Friends Set You Up

Some people are skeptical about letting their friends set them up.

This is something that could work out well for you because your friends know you well. They are able to find others that are going to have the same personalities or interest that you have. Your friends know you well, and they are looking out for your best interests. This is why you should consider letting your friends set you up on blind dates. This has to be a better fit than simply meeting someone at a bar.

The good thing about letting your friend set you up is that you already have the inside track. You get a chance to know what type of job the person has, and you get a general feel for what their personality is like before you even meet them.

4. Start With A Casual Date

It is never a good idea to go over the top when it comes to a date. A casual lunch date is a good idea. It may seem like a great idea to go to a movie, but it doesn’t make sense to go on a date and spent two hours where you do not talk to the person you are on a date with.

5. Don’t Date Anyone That Your Friend Dated

This is a common rule, but some people tend to forget that dating any exes of any friends of yours is not a good idea. It is never going to work well because there will always be a certain awkwardness when you bring this person around if the dating turns into a full-fledged relationship.

There is always a chance that your friend will accuse you of having had interest in this person long before their relationship ended. It isn’t worth your time to put investments into potential relationships with dates that your friends have already engaged in relationships with.

6. Date Multiple People Before You Settle Into One Relationship

It is easy to go out on a date that is good and get settled. You may have a second and third date and eventually think that this is the relationship for you. That is not the case. No one should subject themselves to starting a relationship just because they have been on a couple of dates.

It is better to go on multiple dates and consider multiple personalities before you get too bogged down with someone that is not going to fit into your life well.

7. Talk About Your Interests

It is good to have conversations where you talk about your interests. You should gauge the person you are on the date with to also talk about what they are interested in. This is going to be the quickest way to find out if this person is compatible with you. So many people go on dates that are superficial.

They spend time talking about food or the weather, but they never get into what they are interested in. This prolongs the dating process because you still have no idea if this person is someone that you are compatible with.

8. Set Up A Second Date Soon

If you are interested in what you experience with the first date don’t hesitate to set up a second date. You don’t have to be needy, but you also do not want this person to assume that you are not interested. That is why you should set up second date as soon as possible. When you get this out of the way you have a better chance of connecting with this person before they meet someone else that starts to occupy their time

9. Consider Multiple Dating Apps

It also a good idea to consider multiple dating apps. It makes sense to consider this because technology has allowed people to find dates without even paying money to utilize dating apps.

10. Go For the Goodnight Kiss

If the date is going well there is no harm in going in for the goodnight kiss at the end. There is a pretty good chance that you will be able to feel the vibe that indicates if it will be appropriate to go in for that goodnight kiss.

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