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Crush Test: Does He Like You?

Crush Test: Does He Like You?

Is Beyoncé’s “Single ladies” your go-to jam? Are you tired of crying after a good, yet sad chick-flick session? Well, girl, you definitely have to move on! Spring is in full blossom, which means that your prince might be around at any time. But what if you’ve already found that mysterious Mr. X. and have no clue if he likes you too? Don’t worry, here are a few ways that you can tell.

Understanding if a guy likes you requires a little time and basic psychological knowledge. Follow some quite easy steps and you’ll master the science of attraction like a boss:

Stage 1: feel the water.

Is the guy your co-worker, classmate or just an acquaintance? Basically, it doesn’t matter, because same rules apply. Try to observe the situation. But, please, don’t freak him out with the creepiest stare you have in your arsenal! Visual contact is the strongest weapon in this case. Does he nod, smile, quickly look away or stare back? Very good sign.

Ask your friends to watch if he notices your appearance in the room or chases you with a concentrated look. If he looks “through” you, seeking someone else’s attention, or doesn’t seem very enthusiastic, he might be indifferent or bored.

Nota bene! Guys are quite sneaky and tricky. But don’t jump back into your ugly sweat-pants after his first cold shoulder. Maybe he’s just shy and wants to conceal signs of interest. There is a high chance that he wants to dare you to talk first. Or he might be uncomfortable in an unknown situation as well as you.

Stage 2: dress to impress.

This is how the law of attraction works: you can’t be sure if a crush likes you back if you can’t even decide if YOU like YOURSELF. Insecurities and doubts are certainly not invited to your party. Let your dress and charming smile be catalysts in this research. I know, saying “love yourself” sounds difficult, cliché and sketchy. But, unfortunately, if you don’t like the reflection in the mirror, nothing will go further than just an awkward stare. So gear up and enter the game!

Stage 3: strike a pose.

When around him, be relaxed, steady and friendly. Don’t act crazy, dramatic or arrogant. Understanding if a guy likes you depends majorly on the feedback. Watch him adjust his collar, belt, stretch, awkwardly swing or drum on the table. Sometimes, men act insane subconsciously in order to be noticed. If his body is facing yours, it is also a good sign.

Stage 4 (very obvious): interaction.

This is going to be a killer combination. If a guy initiates the conversation, if he bothers you with the most stupid request, he’s definitely into you. Men are proud and independent creatures, so helpless, clueless and interested in “unnatural” topics are always an intention to start a random conversation.

Most obvious phrases:

Sorry, what time is it? (He has a watch on the wrist)
What class is next on the schedule? (It’s written in his notebook and I can clearly see it)
When will we have lunch? (At 11:30, just as usual)
Can I borrow a pencil? (Sharpener, calendar plan, your precious Polly Pocket, gum, whatever he needs to grab your attention).
You get the idea.
If he slightly brushes against your arm, bumps into you out of blue or intrudes into your personal zone, hey, what else could it mean?
Note. What do you mean when you act mean?

Some men, even mature and serious, sometimes pull that “irritate you to death” card. If he emphasizes how awkward you are, sarcastically picks on your short skirt or intentionally blocks your way – congrats – he just suffers from that chemistry and doesn’t know how else to make you notice him. Yes, men are big children, just make sure that he doesn’t treat other ladies around the block the same way. You never know! Maybe, he is dating a Russian girl simultaneously…

Stage 5: can I be your hero, baby?

If a guy offers to carry your purse, sacrifice his spare time if you need some help with your papers and even asks about your plans – what can be more obvious? Come on, you are probably reading this just for self-assure and victorious smile, aren’t you? And if a guy reacts to every word you say or every drama, spinning around your lovely soul, it can be an additional bonus.

But, beware next signs:
-He’s nice (mean) to everyone
-You can see that he helps you out of bore
-He calls you bro (awful)
-He checks your roommate (friend, stray dog, anyone BESIDES YOU)
-He makes you jealous (Remember, flirting with others and getting on your nerves will become his go-to method to spice up your attitude towards him. Maybe, you’re just idealizing a womanizer?)

Congrats, you’ve mastered the course of a young spy. Be confident, break out your red lipstick and search for a handsome guy to try your new observations on. Be fierce, lovely and never miss out an opportunity to be simply happy!

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