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10 Things You’ll Learn From A Good Dating Coach

10 Things You’ll Learn From A Good Dating Coach

Statistics are misleading.

There are a lot of single men and women in the United States, and around the world. Based on the numbers there are more men than women in some cities and more successful women than men in others. If you search the right database there are statistics to support every cliché you’ve heard about your dating options.

What are you’re chances of finding someone? Anyone?

When you account for what makes someone a catch, be it height, career, upbringing and other characteristics we dwindle the large number of singles to the small number we’d actually want to date.

What I know about single people is this: they know who they want to date, they know who they are willing to date but still they end up dating no one.

On the one hand being single is a choice. Everything you’ve done and everything you do and all the things you will do in life are essentially your choice, one way or another.

Married people are married because above all else, that’s what they wanted. The same can be said of single people.

Let’s get to the truth. There are people that you think are flawed, un-dateable, not catches.  You see these people with their sloppy appearance, the IQ of lettuce, with the personality of a cardboard box and very bad attitudes, you think, “Of course, they’re single. They’re weird.”

You consider online dating an abyss of lames and losers and you wonder where are all the potential dates of your caliber?

There are 3 types of single people.

  1. Good-looking, well-rounded single by choice
  2. Somewhat less attractive/appealing single by circumstance
  3. Lames and losers

Human beings have a way of judging each other, none harsher than the single person who believes themselves to be a “catch”. I’m not going to sugar coat the facts, if you’re single you know that marriage isn’t an exclusive club the Beckhams’ reside over.  Many married people are overweight, in our opinions unattractive, and by our assessment unsuccessful.

We all know being married isn’t an achievement but if you’re single, attractive, successful (in your mind) interesting, intelligent, funny and kind you’re looking for someone like yourself.

You’re wondering why people can’t be more like you. And like you.

This is why you need a dating coach.

Professional singers have vocal coaches. Professional athletes have trainers. Models have coaches, public speakers have coaches, and Oprah started her life class with the world’s best life coaches and inspirational speakers for a reason.

You can’t get to the top by yourself. At some point you might need a little help from the experts and not to pull you from ruins but to take your already stellar game to the next level.

I suggest a dating coach.

What Can A Dating Coach Do For You?

  1. Identify what you’re really looking for
  2. Clarify how people perceive you
  3. Show you how to change others’ perceptions
  4. Demonstrate how to make others feel good
  5. Explain the basics of body language and unspoken signs.
  6. Uncover what has held you back
  7. Help you build chemistry and sex appeal
  8. Discover hidden flaws, triggers and emotional blocks
  9. Teach you Patience
  10. Build your confidence

Dating coaches’ help you do what you’re doing but in a way that gets results. They educate you so your choices and behaviors are effective. No one wants to be single forever but if you have to be single, you might as well be awesome at it.

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