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10 Ways To Find Love Through Online Dating That Work

10 Ways To Find Love Through Online Dating That Work

The first step towards being successful at dating online is casting a wide net. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to dating apps. Use multiple platforms in order to find more potential dates.

Sticking to a primary platform is fine, but don’t be afraid to move on if you don’t have success. If you’re finding yourself striking out, you can check elsewhere to see if you are more successful. Casting a wide net is always a good strategy if you’re just looking to meet someone. And according to Vice, most couples now meet online!

Understand What You Want

Before you can be successful online, you’ve got to know what you want. We have seen plenty of people who go onto multiple platforms and strikeout every time not because they have a bad profile or they’re unattractive, but because they are looking for something that’s not available.

Take some time to think about what you really want from online dating before you start talking to anyone. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be much more successful when you start looking for a relationship.

Be Open

It’s also a very good idea to be open in your search. We don’t mean that you shouldn’t have standards or that you should say yes to everything, but rather that you should feel free to let situations develop naturally. Don’t turn someone down on reflex.

For some, this is going to mean being open to serious relationships instead of flings. For others, it might mean dating someone who is not traditional their ‘type’. Regardless of the reasoning, choosing to be a little more open can greatly increase your chance of success.

Be Direct

You should always remember that you are interacting with real people when you are dating online. When you fail to be direct, you are wasting a real person’s time. Even worse, you’re making a choice that is going to make you much less successful.

Since you know what you want, be up-front about that. If you don’t want a relationship, tell the other party that early on. If you’re looking for something serious, don’t approach someone who is just looking for fun. Take some time to make your intentions clear to the people to whom you speak.

Be Your Authentic Self

We know that no one shows their worst features when online dating. It’s important, though, that you make the choice to be authentic. This means presenting the best version of yourself every time you talk to someone online.

In many cases, this just means being respectful and kind. In others, though, it means abandoning online personas and acting like yourself. Don’t be afraid to be real enough to let others see the real you, even if you’re still trying to downplay some of your own flaws.

Value Your Time

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who date online is investing too much time in one person. If you start chatting with someone and he or she chooses to ghost you, it’s time to move on. You need to value your time enough to realize that not every conversation will pan out.

Valuing your time also means avoiding games. If you like talking to someone, don’t play hard to get. Have enough respect for yourself and for the other person that you’ll avoid childish games.

Take No for an Answer

This is a very important thing, especially in modern dating. Persistence is cute in movies, but there’s a real difference between playing along with someone else and pursuing a person who is not interested in being with you. Your goal should be never to cross that line.

To a degree, this means understanding that no means no. It also means that you should pay attention to see if someone is actually interested in you. If they’re giving one-word answers and never responding, it’s time to move on.

Be Patient

One of the issues with the online world is that we all get used to instant gratification. Unfortunately, online dating doesn’t really work that way. While you should always value your time and move on if someone doesn’t want to speak to you, you need to be patient in the long run.

You might not find a partner immediately. In fact, it could take weeks or even months. Stay the course, adjust your profile as necessary, and be prepared to be patient if you really care about finding a relationship.

Enjoy the Interactions

Not every conversation is going to end with a relationship. There are people with whom you’ll have great interactions online that you just won’t click with in real life. Don’t be discouraged when this happens – instead, enjoy the interactions that you did have.

It can be very easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way. Instead of looking at this as a failure, try to enjoy the conversations and interactions that you’ve had. If you’re willing to take things one step at a time, you’ll be much happier with the process of online dating.

Be Fearless

Finally, be fearless. Dating online requires putting yourself out there, so failure to do so is always going to hamper your efforts. If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to be willing to take the first step. This might mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but it is worthwhile.

For some, this is as easy as being the person to initiate contact. For others, it’s about being your real self. No matter what steps you need to take, remember that fear absolutely should not be your biggest factor in the choices that you make.

If you can follow these ten tips, you’ll be in a much better place to find love online. There are also other ways to increase your chances, as taught by Psych Central. Though there are never any guarantees, approaching online dating with the right attitude can be helpful. Don’t be afraid to take a chance – love might be out there waiting for you.

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