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Battling The Disney Princess Syndrome

Battling The Disney Princess Syndrome

I dated a guy once who said any woman who called herself a Princess was a deal-breaker.

Secretly my heart sank.

I’d never actually used the term to describe myself but who doesn’t want to be treated like a Princess because you can’t be a Queen without starting somewhere right?

Fairytales and the powerhouse that is the Disney brand contributed several ideals to my childhood one being: women are worth near death experiences. And if someone loves you they’ll do pretty much anything for you. Not just anything but whatever it takes to be with you.

Not once has a Prince Charming ever given up on the struggle, leading many women to adopt the concept of: if a man is the “right” man he’ll do what it takes to be with you. This isn’t necessarily true or entirely false.

What I’ve realized in my adult life is that a man will do what is required to be with you but some women are afraid to set the bar higher.

I don’t have a problem with a woman treating herself to the luxuries of royalty. If you want to be a Princess, Queen, or Duchess, I don’t blame you but what Disney has taught me is that it ain’t for everyone.

If you want to be worthy of the throne there are a few rules that I think you should remember.

First of all, YOU don’t choose the Prince.

I’ve seen almost every princess movie ever made and never once did the woman chose the prince. Not once ever! Too many women who claim to be queens and princesses are choosing frogs and acting surprised when these animals don’t turn into the men of their dreams.

If you really want to live a fantasy you must have the patience to let a man prove his worth to you. It isn’t a crime to want to get to know a man before you decide to plan the rest of your life with him.

It’s not unheard of to wait to sleep with a man who hasn’t so much as opened his car door to you. Or exhibited any gentleman behavior. There’s no law that says you can’t qualify the men you date. It’s your life.

If others want to judge you and act like you don’t have the right to be picky, chuck them the deuces.

What women fear is that once they choose these men they consider “catches” they’ll lose him if they don’t act fast.

How many times have you met a man and before your second date you’re rearranging your schedule to be available for his call. Or you’re clearing you weekend just in case he wants to spend time with you.

Where’s that Disney princess stubbornness. I never saw Belle checking for Gaston?

YOU must have guts

The motto of most princesses has been by any means necessary. If you want to get what you want you have to be able to go after it with a fight. Dating takes guts so if you don’t have any good luck finding a good man.

You can’t fear never finding what you’re looking for. Most importantly you have to wait for what you want and pass up every man that isn’t it. Don’t get sidetracked by slick talk and a pretty face.

By “right” I mean is he a gentleman? Does he respect your time and your body? Is he modest? Is he patient and determined in his approach to his goals? Is he respected? Does he have morals and ethics?

Is he Prince worthy?

Analogy aside if you aren’t willing to pursue what you are worth or allow what you deserve to pursue you then you are settling. If you want to consider yourself worthy of the best then you have to date the best. So the next man that you allow into your life must be qualified to date you. Don’t be offended by that.

It’s not your mission in life to make every stranger a friend.

You’re allowed to decide who you share your time with and who’s worth your time. If you want to find your Prince Charming, you better be wise about it.


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