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5 Types Of Men You Need To Stop Dating Immediately

5 Types Of Men You Need To Stop Dating Immediately

Most women will admit that their biggest struggle in dating is finding a good partner. The closer we look at couples in todays world, the more there seems to be a trend of successful women landing equally successful men. Proving that following your ambition can indeed lead to love. Since more and more women no longer need to depend on men for their financial stability and independence from their parents, standards of partnership has raised. Today, women and men can finally choose partners and marriage for the only reason that ever really mattered, because they want to.

While to you, it might seem that there are easier things in life than finding an intelligent, handsome, available guy…like nailing jelly to a tree for example, it should be noted that you have more control over who you date than you think.

Single adults will date more potential partners than in previous generations, and encounter thousands of possible options in a lifetime. With the emergence of internet dating the access to eligible singles has increased exponentially. So what should you do if you’re looking for a man to date, and possibly marry in today’s world it might be useful to switch your focus on what you shouldn’t do.

Due to the volume of people that you’ll encounter in your search for love, the secret to success is avoid dating the wrong men, instead of simply finding the right ones. Here’s a list of men that you’ve probably already dated but should make a point to never date again.

The First Date Wonder

He’s a great guy on paper but every date seems like the first. There isn’t enough consistency to get to know each other but he keeps asking you, so you continue to say yes. He seems fun and worth getting to know there is no progress. What’s wrong with this man is that you can’t build a connection so you are essentially wasting your time. The point of a first date is a second date, so once you have a second date it’s time to create connection.

If you aren’t connecting with this man then cut him off. The idea of him might seem exciting but its keeping you from actually finding the right guy for you.

The Serial Monogamist

This man seems like a great catch and a great prospect because he’s been in several long-term relationships before. In fact he might even hint to wanting a relationship with you. But deep down this man wants comfort and convenience. Not kids and surely not a wedding. He is happy to settle down as long as it’s not permanent.

The problem with this man is that he superficially fits the ideal of a loving partner but doesn’t invest in the relationship. He is ready to give you the title but will leave you feeling like that is all you have.

Find a man who is willing to earn a place in your life. A man who is open to the idea of a relationship but doesn’t need one to feel that he is complete, and more importantly doesn’t seek a relationship as his source of fulfillment and happiness.

Mr. Female Fan Club

This man completely understands the female mind and I’m not all too certain he doesn’t have one. So in touch with his feminine side that he is surrounded by women, his mother, his sister or his ex, at all times. He is charming and has more female friends than you do. At first this man is refreshing. He seems to fully understand women, and has deep empathy. On the surface he is in touch with your needs but still quite masculine.

It may seem endearing at first but this man is usually a collector of women and you’re likely just another acquisition. He uses female attention to feed his ego and his charm will push you feel generous and insecure, more than you’re used to. Avoid any man who needs female attention to feel more like a man.

Supreme Hater/ Debbie Downer 

Critical people are hard to identify at first. They start by asking you to make small changes via suggestion. Eventually they start to dislike everything that you do and the way that you do it. No matter what you like, or what you do, this man will eventually find something wrong with it. He isn’t a fan of anything, it’s a wonder he’s even alive.

This man thinks the world is weird or wrong, stupid, or pointless. He is a black hole for positivity and he makes everything you do together a chore. He may have seemed opinionated at first but deep down he just hates everything or is struggling with his own identity.

Dating a critical man wears on your self esteem and can make you feel as if you have to try harder than you need to, in order to be happy for the both of you.

Mr. Forgetful 

A man who cares about you also cares about the things that are important to you. When you date a man who can’t seem to remember key details or events, he’s not just forgetful but also lazy. A man who wants to impress you and who cherishes you will take the proper steps to remember the things you tell him.

There is no excuse for not making you a priority other than he chooses not to. This man might have everything going for him but if he forgets that your needs are just as important as his own then he is not worth dating. This man claims to be forgetful, he forgets that you have plans, forgets to call you back, then he forgets you’re even dating.Remove featured image

If any single woman can say that she has never dated any man who resembles the aforementioned congratulations. In search for Mr. Right, there are a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs. There is no doubt that the wrong men are good-looking, wealthy, aggressive, sexy, and alluring but temptation does not a good relationship make.

If you want to find the right guy for you then you have to go out with men that you enjoy spending time with, regardless if they make the checklist or not. If you want to find the right man for a relationship then you have to be even more diligent about who you pursue. A man you want to be with may never be anything more than that but a man who wants to be with you will at least make an effort to be what you need.

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