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16 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Your New Relationship

16 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Your New Relationship

There is nothing more exciting than new love. A budding relationship comes with several memories and milestones that you never want to forget. Remembering the anniversary of your first date, first kiss, the first time saying ‘I love you’ are just the beginning. Eventually, your new love could lead to marriage. To keep the excitement alive you must also celebrate these dates and events when you can.

Don’t worry about expensive gestures or the cost of celebrating your next anniversary. Save money and have a romantic time with these pocket-friendly anniversary celebration ideas.

1. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Celebrating your anniversary in a five-star hotel may be posh, but staying at a romantic bed and breakfast can be just as lovely. Find one that’s nearby and offers cozy and private accommodations for two. For that night, you can relax in your lover’s arms and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about doing dishes, taking the trash out, walking the dog, or having the kids barge in.

2. Picnic at the Park

If you have all day to celebrate your anniversary and the weather allows it, consider spending some time at your favorite local park. Pack a picnic and enjoy it in the shade while the both of you talk and reminisce.

3. Have a Cook-Off

After several dates at a fancy restaurant, maybe it’s time to try something new. How about a cook-off to mark your anniversary? It adds a nice twist to the occasion, and the victor gets bragging rights for the rest of the evening. Don’t worry about the food being bad; the important thing is you both got to do something together.

4. See a Comedy Show

Starting your anniversary with a live comedy show is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Have some drinks at the show, and by the end, both of you should be in the mood for even more fun.

5. Couples Spa Date

Enjoy some downtime next to one another at a local spa. Try everything from couples’ massages to pampering yourselves with a manicure and pedicure. Alternatively, skip the spa, stay home, and give each other a romantic massage. Do a good job, and the massage could have a very happy ending.

6. Recreate Your First Date

Recreating the magic of your first date will bring back fond memories and remind you why you fell in love years ago. If you want to make it even more fun, make it a surprise by having your significant other meet you at the venue. When they see the surprise, their blush will warm your heart.

7. Go Glamping

If you and your lover both enjoy nature, consider camping. If sleeping in a tent seems too uncomfortable, upgrade to glamping by renting an RV. It offers home comforts alongside the peace, beauty, and quiet of spending the night under the stars.

Before leaving the campsite, try to sneak a romantic hike into your outing and maybe even try skinny-dipping in the local lake or pond.

8. Take a Small Road Trip

Is there a nearby natural wonder or quaint town you always wanted to see? Now is your chance. Load up your car and spend your anniversary driving to the destination. You can make the outing more memorable by renting your favorite luxury vehicle for the trip.

9. Do a Wine, Food, or Brewery Tour

Few things unite couples like tasty treats. Make new memories by experiencing a food, wine, or brewery tour in your city or a nearby town. If you have the stomach for it, try all three tours for a complete experience. Walking to each location will help burn some calories before your next tasting experience.

10.Attend a Sports Game

If one of you is a fan of the local team and there is a game, get tickets. The energy of the spectators at the game can be contagious, and you might even end up on the kiss cam.

11. See a Drive-In Movie

COVID-19 may have put movie theaters on lockdown, but you can still catch some of your favorite classics at a drive-in movie. The other fun part of having your anniversary at a drive-in is you get to relax under the stars and possibly get frisky in the car.

12. Go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping or skydiving for your anniversary is something neither of you will forget. The adrenaline rush of falling from the sky will give you both something to talk about for the rest of your lives.

13. Visit a Street Fair

Check out the schedule of street fairs in your area or neighboring towns. Holding hands, you and your partner can try all the tasty food and drinks and experience the lovely cultures on display. Depending on the street fair, there might also be dancing. You can buy various souvenirs to commemorate the outing.

14. Play Games

Are you and your lover competitive? Set up a game against one another, or better yet, set up a contest against other couples. Whether it is bowling, laser tag, batting cages, paintball, go-karts, or mini-golf, your combined competitive attitudes will give you the strength to crush the other couples without mercy.
If you are interested in a less competitive event, try visiting an escape room.

15. Hire a Professional Photographer

Taking pictures with your phone is fine, but let a professional handle the photography for your anniversary. The photos will be memorable keepsakes, and you can print them on mugs, shirts, or even make a calendar.
Alternatively, hire an artist to paint your portraits, or seek out an artist to draw caricatures of you and your partner.

16. Host a Party

If you have loved ones you would like to share your anniversary with, consider hosting a party at home. Your friends can bring food and drinks, or you can have a barbeque outside. It is affordable and fun, but you’ll be responsible for cleaning up after the party is over.

Out of our 16 budget-friendly ideas for celebrating anniversaries, which one will you try for your next anniversary? Remember to pick one that you and your partner will both enjoy. If you have other suggestions for anniversary celebrations, please let us know in the comments.

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