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3 Reasons Why Women Won’t Date You

You can avoid rejection.  There is an answer to the question: what do women want? In fact, understanding women could be easy if men actually paid attention to the answers. There are some men who teach the art of understanding women well.

As Zan Perrion puts it in his bestselling book The Alabaster Girl, “They attracted to only one thing in men: beauty. And what is the beauty in a man? A lifelong devotion to a personal passion, a passion larger than him, larger than her, larger than the whole wide world, a passion that radiates from his pores until the day he dies.”

To understand why women won’t date you, or are constantly rejecting your advances, is simple if you are willing to embrace a new way of thinking. Do you want to know what women want? Just like any other type of sale, they want to know that you understand their specific needs. Once you know what a woman needs, you can easily offer her exactly what she wants.

If you are frustrated, and want to find success in dating and love then accept the following reasons why women won’t date you.

You Are Not Healthy

Health doesn’t mean having a perfect body and a strict diet.

A healthy man, in a woman’s eyes, is a man who takes care of himself; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. A healthy man is a man who thinks positively about life, and himself. Negative thoughts are poison. A man who isn’t healthy is easily spotted by the way he carries himself, and the things he speaks about.

Women can tell how healthy a man is by the way he approaches her. She notices his skin, she notices his posture, she notices his clothes, and his scent. The best way to come across as healthy online is to incorporate smiling photos. Include active photos of you taking part in activities that you like. Also, you can write a positive description of yourself. Choose words that are upbeat, and inspiring. If you aren’t healthy, then you won’t be seen as a viable mate choice. This makes you unappealing to women, especially at times of ovulation.

You Are Needy

Some men feel slighted by the imbalance in dating and demand a lot from women without even noticing.

Ways that men come across as needy is by asking too many questions. While questions are a great way to get to know someone, needy questions are typically repetitive and thoughtless. Avoid traditional questions, and rely on unique questions that spark the mind and inspire thought. Also, you can seek to provide a compliment, or a laugh before you launch into questions. Ask yourself, ‘Have I made this woman feel good?’, before you start an inquisition.

Another way that men are needy is by needing attention or physical touch. Some men are like little kids who always want to tell you their latest joke, or show their newest trick. They pull on your clothes, and have a ‘look at me, look at me,’ attitude. While this isn’t terrible, it makes women feel obligated to pay attention to you when they might not want to. It feels like “work”.

In order to avoid coming across as needy, take a few seconds pause when interacting with a woman. If she doesn’t chime in with a question of her own, then it’s likely she isn’t interested and just being polite.

Women can also tell when you need their acceptance. If you are trying too hard to earn their approval it’s a turn off. Everyone isn’t attracted to everyone, and rejection happens. Your ability to handle rejection is a sign of maturity. When you know that what is meant for you will come to you then you exude confidence. When you can be comfortable knowing that you won’t be everyone’s taste, and that doesn’t make you weird or ugly, then you will be more attractive to women.

Your Standards Are Too Low

Standards as defined by The Healing Alphabet, is your minimum level of expectation. If you expect good results, and you hold yourself accountable, you will be attractive to women. What that means is taking ownership of your success and your failure. Raising your standards in dating means being brave and expecting women to respond to you favorably. It means knowing what it takes to connect with women and doing everything within your power to do so.

Raise your standards for the type of interactions that you have with women by expecting more from yourself.

In fact, play a fun game with yourself. Test yourself by saying, “Every time I walk into a new environment women say hello to me.” Play the game of predicting what will happen. Say things to yourself like, “I bet she’ll kiss me on the date.” Or, “I know she’ll hold my hand.”

When you raise your standards, your level of expectation, this isn’t putting pressure on the woman herself. You are creating a story that empowers you. Tell yourself, I attract because I am attractive. I am valued because I add value. If you put in the work to be healthy and self-assured then this must be true. Women will respond favorably to you every time.

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