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3 Truths About Being Single That You Never Knew

If you’re at a point in your life where you can’t stand being single, then you’re not alone.

You want someone to share meals with, talk to, exchange affection and support you in ways that only a lover can. You want your plus one and no matter how many rationales you’ve come up with to make peace with your situation, it doesn’t change the fact that being single can suck. For some it’s an awful experience while for others, like myself, it was an amazing opportunity to learn what I wanted in my love life. But let’s assume that for you, as it stands right now, you’re over it. I can’t blame you.

We tend to look at being single as a death sentence or punishment for those who are too uncool to find anyone who can stand them, so not true. Nothing is wrong with you just because you’re single.

We can easily cast judgment against the people we consider weird, or losers but being single doesn’t mean that you’re either. There are numerous ways to attract potential dates to you but until you learn the secrets of successful dating, you should at least understand the basics.


No matter who you are, or what you look like, finding a partner is completely within your control. The moment you accept that truth is just the beginning. The more you open your mind to the reality that YOU make the choices and decisions of who you attract, the ball will be set into motion to lead you closer to your ideal partner. You can never attract the right person by playing the victim. You will never find real and lasting love without believing that you are the CHOOSER. It doesn’t happen overnight but you ARE in control.

Whether you accept that fact or not doesn’t change the reality of it. By accepting it you leave victim mode and empower yourself to make new choices in your behavior.


You will not be single forever. You should not want to be single forever. Even if you fail to get legally married, you should always seek companionship not because you need it but because we ALL have the need to express love.

It is within every person the will, want and desire to express love. It is an act that must be exercised to put meaning to life. If you are not expressing love as you were created to then you are living an insufficient life. While you can share love with family and friends unless you have wholly given your undivided love to these people, which most only do for children, you are still under utilizing your capacity to give love.

Essentially you are selling yourself short. I’m neither being profound or dramatic but this is the same reason we get pets. You have to love something; it’s in your nature.


The moment you get used to being single is the moment you’ve forfeited your right to share your love with another person.

If you don’t believe, in your core, that you’re truly awesome and worth the time, attention, affection, care and support a loving partner brings then accept being single.

When you accept being single as being permanent, not only will you become used to being alone, you’ll actually reject the possibility of meeting the right people without knowing it. If you get too used to not having the wonderful benefits of a loving partner it means that you have given up on what it really means to date.

All you have to do in life is connect with others. When you can find common ground and build relationships potential dates will emerge. A simple conversation at the grocery store or gas station can turn into the love of your life but only when you are open to it. You don’t have to be single. Several dating experts, myself included, have developed effective programs to get you a date and into a relationship.

These processes are designed to work and will yield results. Just like any goal in life getting into a relationship will only happen when you choose to do the work. You can’t control who you meet but you can influence how they respond to you. You are in complete control of how others see you and it’s your responsibility to be a great partner as well as to attract the right people. If you want to end your single status then empower yourself and take control.

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