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3 Techniques To Avoid Having Another Boring Conversation

The biggest challenge single men and women face when meeting new people is maintaining their ability to carry on an interesting conversation. I find that even the most fascinating people can sometimes lose their way to nerves when trying to impress someone new. It isn’t easy to sound intelligent, witty and flirtatious when you’re worried about what this potential date thinks about you.

Especially once they become more receptive to what you have to say, all of a sudden you can’t think of anything poignant or funny. The moment that lull hits the conversation you’re suddenly at risk of losing appeal to your possible date. Despite fears and apprehension, there is a way to take control of any conversation. The following statements can be used to take the interaction exactly where you want it to go.

“You look like…”

When a man approaches a woman he is most likely to ask questions. When you want to set yourself apart from others you should use statements that are cute, quirky and flirtatious. You can turn any boring and bland question into a statement as encouraged by social coach Alex Coulson. Instead asking a question and sounding like another boring guy, take a unique approach by making the statement, “You look like, a great singer, a math teacher, like you love a challenge.”

You can choose anything you want and it doesn’t even have to be true. It’s just a way to make the other person think for a moment and smile.

“This is completely off the topic…”

Sometimes an exchange starts off well but takes a turn to a topic that is either boring or uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to change the subject. You want to talk about interests that make you sound like a wonderful person. You want to stay on topics that both you and your potential date can engage in. If you find that the conversation isn’t highlighting your best qualities, talents or conveying your extensive knowledge it’s the time to move on to more exciting matters.

“What you said reminded me of…”

Another way to steer the conversation in the direction you think it should go, is to use segues provided by your pending date. Whether what you say next is closely or directly related to anything that the other person has mentioned doesn’t really matter. Once you continue the dialogue you can now determine if this person is somewhat invested in speaking with you. Notice if they shift their eyes, their body positioning or speech. How they respond to a new topic will reveal their attraction.

Its one thing for someone to politely take part in a conversation that they think will be brief. Once the exchange continues to a new focus if the other person still seems to be involved it’s a good sign.

This statement also shows that you were listening and engaged in the conversation. You’re only focus when approaching another single should be getting a date. You want to portray yourself as someone intriguing, someone definitive and as someone with confidence. If you are a person that can take charge of a conversation, you set yourself apart from other singles this person might have encountered in the past.

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