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5 Things That Will Impress Any Woman

5 Things That Will Impress Any Woman

To say that women are easily impressed in dating is an understatement. It might seem like the guy who gets the girl is the one with the flashy car, or the swagged out attitude, or the six pack stomach but in reality this isn’t the case.

Women want a guy who simply pays attention. This might seem easy, almost too easy but it’s the singular most important characteristic that a man can possess. It should come to no surprise that women love attention. Next to a great compliment, attention is air to women. If you’ve read any advice on ‘game’ or the ‘pick up’ culture one of the most popular tips is to ignore the woman that you actually like.

The reason this is so effective is because women crave the attention of men and have been taught by magazines that if a guy isn’t giving it to you, he doesn’t like you. This information can work to your advantage because attention is very easy to execute in dating.

These following behaviors will impress any woman you’re interested in, even if you were unsure if she was interested in you. Try one or all five and the woman you want will be totally obsessed with you.

Plan the date

Nothing is more attractive to women than thoughtful planning. It could be as simple as making the dinner reservation but women are very impressed when men think ahead. Most men fail to do this for two reasons: insecurity and laziness.

The default thinking of men is to do what the woman wants and she will be happy. This theory has never worked in the history of dating because a woman doesn’t want a man who has to be told what to do. Instead of waiting for a woman to tell you what food she likes, or what hobbies she has, take the initiative. Make a plan and invite her along. Most women will say yes eagerly.

Planning a date not only shows that you’re confident it shows that you are interested in her. Men take for granted that women are being hit on all day long, not because they are special to the guy but because they are women. Most men think that ALL attention is created equally so once a woman is receiving any attention that meets her quota. It doesn’t.

A woman will wonder why a stranger on the street will show her more attention or give her more compliments than you do? If you are into a woman simply plan a date and invite her along. She will be impressed by your assertiveness.

Show her off

Want to know why the bad boys, players, and f*ckboys get all the girls? It’s because they are constantly showing off how many women like them. In the age of social media, instead of being offended when your date takes out her phone for photos, offer to take photos together or to take her photo.

It might seem that women would get angry seeing various dates on your Instagram page but it’s the opposite. If other women have gone on dates with you, then you must be in high demand. Offering to take her picture makes her feel special. Instead of getting annoyed, get involved.

Validate her

In the tradition of ‘pickup’ the rule is to point out insecurities or to make sly comments that could throw off her confidence. Common suggestions are to tell your date; that it’s cute how her eyebrows are uneven or that she has a weird but endearing laugh.

These types of comments are known as ‘negging’. They are meant to essentially make your date self-conscious. While this might have worked in the past when women weren’t inundated with positive messages but in the world of the boss babe – ain’t nobody got time for that.

What women are looking for from their partners is validation and appreciation. If you’re afraid that giving a woman compliments will create distance instead of closeness then you don’t know a lot about women. A man who is a cheerleader for his woman is one that is rare and highly appreciated.

Text her good night

Good morning texts are so early 2000’s.

Women are expecting men to send the traditional good morning to try to impress every girl in their rotation. To think of a woman at the end of the day is far more flattering. If you are interested in a woman and you want her to return the feelings then you have to appeal to what is important to her – which is her feeling appreciated literally at the end of the day.

Evening texts allow you to start the conversation about her day and check in to how she is feeling. At the start of the day – life can be distracting. An early morning text just shows you have a routine but it doesn’t truly open the conversation. What can you talk about at the start of the day other than your daily tasks.

In the evening when there is less distraction, sending a good evening, or good night text can create a dialogue that is hard to have in the morning.

Send her ‘notes’

When it comes down to it there are only two ingredients for impressing women: attention and intention. It’s common for most women to feel replaceable with men. A man doesn’t want your attention, he wants any woman’s attention. So women tend to be incredibly skeptical of men. In order to prove that you have the best intentions, you should be intentional.

The notes app has been rebranded as the tool for thoughtful expression. Even if you’re quoting a poem, or something motivational (original thoughts not required), share a ‘note’ with her from the notes app or equivalent. Love notes, love letters, and the written word in general are making a comeback in the romance department.

Putting thought into how you attract a woman will impress her.

Being confident in your approach will impress her.

She wants to know that you are paying attention to her and not just shooting your shot wherever you can.

The best way to impress women is to show that you are making an effort and doing what works, not just what you have done in the past. Make your actions intentional and you will seduce your dream girl with ease.

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