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4 Important Factors For Attracting The Right People

4 Important Factors For Attracting The Right People

Is there a sure way to get what you want in dating? I’ve read numerous books on the power of attraction and metaphysics that say yes, there is. Yet so many people still accept lack in their lives.

So what is holding you back? If the answers are there and the secret is out, why aren’t more people employing these techniques to get what they want?

The easy response: fear.

One combatant to fear is strategy. Even if you don’t know if you can do it, it’s better to plan out what to do. So up until now, what has been your dating game plan?

For most singles its wait to meet the right person, go on a few dates then end up in a relationship. How often has this plan worked for you?

So it’s probably best that you come up with a new approach.

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read, dating is all about attraction. It might be physical, chemical or sexual but without attraction the courtship is dead.

You create this attraction with potential dates during every interaction, sometimes even before a word is said. You may both be physically attracted to each other but that alone isn’t going to get you dates.

There are factors for why people are drawn to talking to you or being receptive to you talking to them.

Your appearance

It doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s all about what you think you look like. I’ve always believed in letting the work speak for itself. If you’ve been hitting the gym, eating right, practicing meditation and maintaining a healthy complexion then you’re probably more attractive than you give yourself credit for.

It’s when we fail to do what we know we should that feeds our insecurity. So whatever it takes, try to make your appearance flawless. Whatever it costs dress well, take care of your skin, teeth, nails and breath.

Work on how you look.

Many singles use the “good enough” mentality yet struggle with insecurity. You don’t ever want to believe that you look ok, middle of the road, not bad but not good. You are beautiful. That’s the truth. It’s your job and sole purpose in life to believe that and share it with the world.

If you don’t feel as if your appearance is up to par, then you have failed yourself as an adult. Get your act together.

Your body language

When interacting with potential dates the first step is to notice any changes in your body. Is your heart beating, are you sweating, are your palms feeling clammy or is your mouth dry.

These changes are indications that there might be a high level of attraction, which is good, but you want to be able to control what your body does so that the other person knows you’re interested.

Sit or stand up straight. Take notice of your posture and adjust it.

Angle your shoulders toward who you’re speaking to. Facing someone straight on can seem aggressive or combative.

Mirror their speech. If they speak slowly, speak slowly. If they use their hands, use your hands. If they use certain key words, incorporate those words into the dialogue. This gives the impression that you’re alike. People are more comfortable dating those they feel are similar to them.

Your manners

This is often forgotten in the dating world but manners are extremely important when it comes to good impressions and creating attraction. Being polite and kind go a very long way especially when their genuine.

Don’t talk over your potential date, or make rude or crude comments. I’ve witnessed interactions between two people where one person couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

When dealing with strangers, which most potential dates tend to be, common courtesy goes a long way.

Your enthusiasm

By a certain age, most singles hate dating. Or at least they’ve convinced themselves that they do. This can often lead to lackluster interactions. Get excited about meeting new people.

Get Hyper!!!!

You have an amazing opportunity to possibly fall in love. Meet great friends. Share who you are with others with excitement!

Don’t let yourself believe that dating is mundane or a necessary evil. Dating can be a lot of fun and exciting if done right. You have to show that enthusiasm when you’re meeting someone new, because they will wonder ‘why is this person so happy’.

We tend to judge potential dates or men and women we’re attracted to as better than us. We assume that they’re single by choice while we’re suffering a doomed fate.

Not the case at all.

I want you to challenge yourself this weekend to meet as many people as possible keeping these four factors in mind. Your miracle is realizing that you are no different and especially no less than the people you want to date. I hope this was helpful.

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