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Top 5 Must Read Relationship Books for Singles

Top 5 Must Read Relationship Books for Singles

Are you single and want to find love? Or are you married and would like to maintain your current marital status? This article offers 5 book titles that will change your love life. From texts that address the peculiarities of genres and how it affects relationships, to issues of the importance of financial balance in the relationship, relationship books can also serve for self-knowledge.

Of course, there are couple issues that will not be resolved through a simple reading. But there are relationship books that even help in the couple’s therapy work. Obviously, no book will have the perfect recipe, after all, no relationship is the same. However, reflections and information can help us better understand some patterns of behavior and guide us to possible changes.

1. That Which Doesn’t Kill Us, by Linda and Charlie Bloom

This easy-to-read book follows the typical formula of the self-help classics: simple language, divided into topics that are explained according to the studies and experiences of the authors Linda and Charlie Bloom. The book touches on points such as the difficulty of adaptation in the couple’s first months of living together or the relationship with family and friends of both. Their remarkable healing cycle is described in exquisite detail, which reads like a riveting book.

The evolving tale of the Blooms offers the necessary measures required to breathe life back into a broken marriage and transition into a strong, romantic relationship that often surpasses the hopes that each spouse has dared to expect to achieve.

2. Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl, by Sherry Argov

The American writer Sherry Argov’s relationship book may not even get a single woman to get a boyfriend, but at least it can serve as a stimulus for an improvement in female self-esteem. Dedicated especially to women, the author debunks myths such as the “good woman” being the most lovingly successful. Nothing!

Be yourself and cultivate your life that, according to the book, a line of single and interesting men will follow you.

3. The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man, by Kathi Lipp

Loving is the greatest fun. Or at least it should be, that’s what this book about relationships advocates. The American Kathi Lipp, author of the work, defends the need for the couple to recover the good humor and the playful side of everyday life, leaving aside the severity that often, in excess, contaminates the happiness of two.

Making use of the sense of humor that attracts thousands of women a year to hear her talk, Lipp “teaches wives how they can put the joy back into their partnership even despite their busy schedules by clear day-to-day action plans” says Hugh K. Ball, writer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Simple Grad.

4. The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman

This book is a bestseller in the relationship category for being practical and objective. Based on the author’s long experience, which assists couples in relationship crises, it is concluded that most disagreements happen because couples speak different languages. And in that case, the book helps you to develop a “language” in which the two can understand and express themselves.

5. Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds, by Zigmunt Bauman

In this book, Bauman uses the concept of liquidity to speak of affective relationships in current times. In times of liquid love, everything seems more fleeting. This text goes beyond relations and makes a succinct and lucid reflection of the serious social, economic and political transformations that post-war society is going through.

These transformations “fragment not only the concepts of solidarity, otherness and companionship, but also the subjects’ own way of seeing themselves and others”, says Maureen J. Carpenter, journalist at UKWritings and Boomessays. It is a book to read and reflect on human relationships.

There are couple issues that will not be resolved through a simple reading. But there are relationship books that even help in the couple’s therapy work. When we are going through a difficult time, we tend to “lose” our vision and start to focus only on what makes us suffer. It is difficult to see alternative paths and think of conversations that can work. At such times, good relationship books can be of great help, they can lead us to see a healthy path in the midst of a hurricane of hurt and wounds.

Beatrix Potter is an educator at Essay Writer and Top European writing services, as well as an online proofreader at Top assignment writing services in Northern Territory. Beatrix is a couple’s therapist, having worked with all sorts of damaged relationships and with a 100% success rate. She is currently doing thorough research for her first book on the topic.

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