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5 Critical Dating Tips For Dating In College

Staying in control is the bottom line to lead a successful life in college as a freshman. Life in college is full of fun. It provides young high school graduates with goodies and liberty which they have desired throughout their teenage life. Hookups in college seem to be great fun. Despite dating is fun, the participants ought to be cautious since this may lead to some unintended consequences.

There are much to learn while in college. The learning process in college surpasses what the curriculum bullet-pointed on the course outline. Precisely, some crucial practical lessons learned in college happen far from the confines of the lecture halls. However, dating tips tend to creep up on the college freshman at their most vulnerable moments. Indeed some freshman has undergone irreparable damage because they did not adhere strictly to love advice while committing to the doctrines of hookups.

In regards to this, this article will examine best dating tips for college freshman.

Do not let anyone alter your dreams and ambitions

Freshman girls are always the at greatest risk of maintaining a healthy identity. Managing friendships and spending time together is the natural for human beings. However, it is important to be genuine and yourself. It’s common for women in college to allow guys to influence vital decision in their lives. They later tend to regret their precious moments which they surrendered to their boyfriend.

Precisely, college life is a transition moment which occupies the shortest time as a teenager. Girls should live independently to make their own decision. They should not keep consulting and making a decision based on the perspective of their boyfriends. This moment will torment them when they begin to establish a lifetime relationship. In other words, they should not allow the world pass them by from the safety of their boyfriend’s territory.

Be honest with yourself

Typically, women are fixers and optimists. Spiritually and morally, they prefer making things move towards the best direction with the ultimate hope of obtaining a fabulous outcome. College girls are no exception. It is non-sensible to push square pegs into round holes with expectation unique results. We cannot prompt someone for our expectation.  

The college girls do not invest much time to believe that a boyfriend who wakes up to call late in the midnights can make a good husband. Mere text and vibe should not make them crazily falls in love with inconsiderate guys. Precisely, hook-ups should lead to a meaningful engagement. It is precise to fall in love with a douchebag and expect Prince Charming in the end. Pigs will never transform into unicorns even with the application of lipstick. Being honest is inevitable to engage and commit to a meaningful relationship.

Stop stalking behavior on social media

The mythical narrative that all women must compete with each other for guy’s attention is misleading. Honestly, there are other hot and beautiful ladies out there who can catch your man’s eye. Competing for attention is needless to win the heart of your man. The best impeccable thing to do is to maintain relevancy to the context.  College girls should admit and appreciate themselves without glaring the contribution of other ladies on the social media. True love is anchored on honesty, transparency, and accountability. Freshman girls should not bother competing against their colleague to win the attention of their boyfriend.

Stop thinking of yourself as “His”

Getting obsessed with a relationship affair is absurd. The college girls should set their priority right and avoid possessing themselves with irrelevance activities. Hookups should come as part of life and not a fundamental priority over studies. Moreover, some guys prefer casual affairs over a long-term relationship. Most importantly, girls should assess the intention of their boyfriends and find themselves a freedom rather than confining their lives to a specific individual who perhaps cares less about them.

Do not keep waiting for a guy to text you

If you haven’t heard from the guy you hooked up, be patient. Severe depression can influence the behavior and performance of women while in school. Girls often tend to wait for their boyfriend to initiate chatting even when they have an ultimate urge to talk to them. It takes more than a courage and mature steps to text and asks a boyfriend if he will come to your birthday party. Sharing their experience, the team of essayzoo.org discloses that most guys admire ladies who take it upon their responsibility to text and inquire the welfare of their boyfriend. College girls should be confident enough to speak out their minds.

Final thoughts

A fling in college can be fun, but it can lead to unintended consequences. Most party hookups at are harmful if it involves people who are intoxicated. College women have to be cautious not to fall victims to sexual predators, yes even peers can be predators. Do your best to follow your own guidelines and set boundaries. You can have fun and make yourself a priority. 


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