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Dating Site Review: Mixxxer, the Mobile Dating Site for Finding Local Hookups

Dating Site Review: Mixxxer, the Mobile Dating Site for Finding Local Hookups

For as long as there have been dating apps, companies have wondered how to create a ‘Grindr’ for straight people. Typically what that means is calling a spade a spade, or in this case a hook-up app, a hook-up app. This post is a review of Mixxxer, a self-proclaimed hook-up app that takes the guest work out of meeting local singles who well, want to hookup. 

Whether you’re ultimately looking for a “forever” relationship or just want a way to hook up with a fun playful partner once in a while, you can rest assured that there’s an app for that.

Maybe you don’t have much free time to spend trying to meet new people thanks to a hectic work schedule. Perhaps you’re just sick of doing the old-fashioned courtship dance and prefer to cut straight to the chase. Whatever the case may be for you personally, dating apps and convenient online interfaces ensure that your next connection is just a few taps away at any given time.

Not all of today’s most popular platforms are created equally though, especially when it comes to no-strings-attached hook-up options. When Mixxxer first hit the scene, it promised to change the way people go about getting laid for good… but does it deliver? Here we’ll take a closer look at what Mixxxer is, how it works, and what the advantages are of making it part of how you approach hooking up.

What Is Mixxxer?

By now, you’re probably familiar with most of the browser-based dating services that have been around forever (i.e. Match.com, OKCupid, and eHarmony). Alternative app-based options like Grinder and Tinder are pretty much household names at this point too. Mixxxer, on the other hand, is a platform that aims to bring something completely new to the table.

It’s not an app so much as it’s a sleek, streamlined mobile website optimized to operate like an app. It’s also designed especially for those looking for an easy, simple, and safe way to hook up pretty much on demand no matter where they happen to be. In other words, while other dating platforms exist ultimately to help you find the right relationship, Mixxxer is completely explicit about the fact that it’s there specifically to help you get laid. This is something you cannot find on any app.

The team behind Mixxxer recognized a demand that had (up to that point) been almost completely unmet. Within eight weeks of going live, it saw more than 100,000 users sign up for an account, eager to get started. But how well does it really work and – more importantly – is it the right option for you?

How Does Mixxxer Work?

Calling Mixxxer either a website or an app doesn’t really cover what it’s all about. It’s actually a mobile sex finder that leverages geo-location technology to help you find and get in touch with other people in your area that are also looking to hook up. Although it won’t give away their exact location, it will use data from their phone or other device to give you a ballpark idea of where they’re located.

Active users within close proximity to each other are invited and encouraged to swap sexy pics with one another. In other words, the team behind Mixxxer understands what really matters when it comes to super casual sex, no-strings-attached hooking up – are great photos, and plenty of them. Although photo sharing isn’t the only way Mixxxer members communicate with one another, it’s definitely the primary means, especially for those on the standard tier.

A standard Mixxxer membership is absolutely free, so those that are simply curious about how the service works can try it without obligation. However, users that spring for a premium membership gain access to handy additional features like a chat function. Upgrading is could be worthwhile if you discover you do like the platform for that reason.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Mixxxer?

To be absolutely clear; Mixxxer isn’t for you if you’re looking to make a lasting connection with someone else or establish a committed relationship. It is a good fit for people that engage in casual sex, and dislike the ambiguity that comes along with other popular options like Tinder.

The following are some of the major advantages it brings to the table in comparison to the competition:


If you’ve used Tinder before, you already know it’s not as discreet as you might hope if you’re truly looking to keep other people out of your business. To begin with, it connects to your Facebook page, so it’s not impossible for someone to figure out exactly who you are or to connect you to your Tinder account if they really want to.

Mixxxer, on the other hand, takes privacy incredibly seriously. It doesn’t connect to your Facebook or other established social media profiles, nor does it give away your exact location. It also comes attached to a handy privacy filter that allows you to show off your best assets while protecting your true identity from discovery. You can play all you like, secure in the knowledge that no one will know who you are or what you’re doing unless you want them to.

The fact that Mixxxer doesn’t require you to install anything means your privacy is even further protected. There’s no chance of a nosy roommate, friend, or partner going through your phone and finding an app they’ll expect you to explain.


Although many people do use platforms like Tinder or Grinder to hook up with people on a one-night-stand basis, that’s not necessarily the intended purpose of those sites. If you’re interested in casual sex, you have to do a lot of fishing for people that are truly looking for the same thing you are. The good thing about Mixxxer is that doesn’t sugarcoat anything in this regard. It cuts straight to the point in making it clear that it’s all about sex. You never have to waste your time and effort sitting through a traditional date in the hopes that you might get laid if all goes well with a given connection.

Everyone else on the interface is there for the same thing you are and is just as eager to get right down to it. No pretending, no games, and no beating around the bush!


Another reason Tinder only works but so well for finding casual sex partners is it puts restrictions on what types of pictures users can post — no nudes and nothing that could be considered pornographic in any way. This can make it hard to be clear enough about your intentions and show off your best assets the way you want to. You don’t get to see anyone else’s before deciding whether or not they’re what you’re looking for either.

The triple-X nature of Mixxxer, on the other hand, is right there in the name. You’re free to post or send absolutely any picture you want in order to attract the attention of a possible hook-up. Want to share that seriously racy boudoir shot your ex took of you? Feel like indulging your inner exhibitionist and putting your hot nudes out there right away? Go for it! Not only does Mixxxer encourage that, but you can rest assured that your privacy is always protected.


Because it uses GPS technology to match you with possible hook-ups, you can use Mixxxer absolutely anywhere you happen to be. Use it on your home turf to simplify the process of finding the right one-night stand. Pull it out of your bag of tricks if you’re traveling to find yourself the right company. It’s totally up to you. Mixxxer is there for you anytime whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon.

The sheer simplicity of Mixxxer makes it easy to use pretty much anywhere and under any circumstances as well. The entire interface is quite streamlined despite having lots of awesome features. Plus, even a premium membership is seriously affordable, especially in comparison to the other options out there.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Mixxxer?

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a relationship or enjoying the dating process for what it is, it goes without saying that it’s not for everyone. If you’re really just interested in getting laid or enjoying a little no-strings companionship, it can be frustrating to feel like you have to pretend to be interested in something more just to have a little sexy fun.

That said, Mixxxer isn’t the right platform for you if you’re ultimately hoping to make a love connection or explore possibilities beyond just sex. It’s strictly for people that want a safe, fun, convenient way to get laid. Mixxxer also may not be right for people that really do prefer to access their platform of choice through an app they can download from Google Play or the Apple app store. Because of its explicit nature, Mixxxer is accessible through its mobile website only.

At the end of the day, Mixxxer is definitely making headlines and generating a buzz for a reason. It’s transparent, easy to use, and confidential. It works in the exact way it’s advertised to. You can try it for yourself.

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