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5 Flirting Habits For Every Occasion

5 Flirting Habits For Every Occasion

Flirting gets a bad reputation. Not only does it build rapport, flirting also sends the message that you’re fun to be around. Some may consider flirting inappropriate but there is nothing inappropriate about making another person feel good, which is what good flirting does.

It’s likely our experiences with bad flirting have made some single adults adverse to the activity but when it comes to dating being a good flirt is as important as being attractive. Those who do it well find themselves at an advantage in dating. You too can be one of those people.

The Genuine Smile

Studies have found that motions cause emotions. Its not that we smile because we’re happy, it’s that when we smile we become happy. A genuine smile tells others that you’re cheerful or at least open to the idea. A genuine smile also makes you more approachable and signifies that it’s safe to engage with you. It’s inviting as well as comforting, no one wants to be around anyone in a bad mood.

Strong Eye Contact

The eyes can say so much about our level of confidence. Look people in the eye during conversations. Avoid blinking too fast or too much. Not sure how strong your eye contact game is, practice in the mirror. Find a balance between looking at your eye, nose, and mouth region as well as holding a gaze then looking away. Strong eye contact sends the message that you’re interested in the person, and the conversation.

A Subtle Touch

Find a way to touch the person you’re speaking with for a brief moment. Extend your hand for a handshake and place your other hand over theirs. You can gently lay your hand on their back or shoulders. A hi-five isn’t bad either. Physical touch builds connection and closeness. It signals that you’re not afraid of the other person and welcomes them into your personal space.

A Great Compliment

Compliments and flirting go hand and hand. A great compliment is simply the recognition, or appreciation, of something or someone. Give the person you’re speaking with a once over and find something about them to recognize. If all else fails, tell them they have great energy. Everyone has something about them that deserves recognition and a good flirt always finds it.

A Good Laugh

The ability to make someone laugh is a state changer. Your state, or mood, is elevated around those you find attractive. Laughter is an easy way to change a person’s state and build attraction regardless of if it were there initially. You might not have started the conversation with chemistry but laughter will create chemistry by altering the mood of the person you’re speaking with. This state change will leave them feeling better after the conversation than they felt before it and they will associate these good feelings with you.

Flirting doesn’t have to be a negative activity once you keep it in perspective. These 5 habits can be practiced on anyone and the more you do them, the more natural flirting will feel.

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