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Create An Online Profile That Gets You More Dates

Create An Online Profile That Gets You More Dates

Online dating can seem complicated but you can attract the right person with positive thinking and a rocking profile. Learn how-to write a killer online dating profile that attracts exactly who you’re looking for.  To put your mind at ease, online dating works. Like any other endeavor if you want to make online dating work for you then you have to decide before you even get started that it will work.

Your results when dating online are completely up to you. The objective should be to create matches, and connect with new people, start a conversation and in time go on a date. Whether you find a relationship is not the purpose of online dating, you’re there to meet potential dates that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Too many single men and women jump into online dating as a last ditch effort to meet the right person. They approach online dating from a skeptical and negative perspective. They have some hope in the process but they don’t fully believe in it.

The truth about online dating is that it’s a system that’s meant to connect like-minded people and it works. You can find success in the process by deciding before you start that you will be successful. The next step lies in creating a profile that attracts the right attention and stands out in a crowd.

The best way to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right online is to craft a dynamic online profile and here is how.

Narrow down your audience.

The first step in getting the most out of online dating is believing that it can work for you. If you believe that the person you want is online, looking for a date just as you are, then create a profile for that person. Create a vision of the man or woman that you expect to meet online and write your profile personally to them.

You’re not everyone’s type. That’s the truth.

Think about who you want reading your profile and write directly to them. Imagine this dream person sitting at their laptop perusing your profile. What is he or she like? Do they appreciate humor; will they get your movie references? Is he or she serious or are they artsy? Is he or she the creative type that surfs online websites in the late hours or are they a corporate professional checking Eharmony on their lunch hour?

Make your answers interesting but brief.

Answer each question as if you were on the date.

Many online dating sites will help you write your profile by including personal questions. When answering the questions in the app, you want to be playful and honest with a dash of mystery. You want to keep your answers intriguing. The type of responses that beg the phrase, “Tell me more…”

You want to be authentic but not rigid. You also want to be decisive. Too many open-ended phrases can make you seem flighty or superficial. Be clear and concise. Use short sentences. Answer first, then the explanation. Remember that long-winded and wordy answers don’t get read. Consider that most people are skimming their prospects. They’re judging potential dates mostly by a profile picture. If by chance they are reading the answers its to have something thoughtful to add to their private message.

Add a great photo.

In today’s digital age many online dating profile pictures leave you wondering, “Couldn’t they have asked a friend to take their photo?” When it doubt ask a friend to take your photo. Have a clear background and no pets. Use a current photo that hasn’t been through a flattering Instagram filter. Natural and light makeup is best is best for women, and smiling photos are better for men.

When choosing the right photo for your profile think about one simple scenario. If they were to show this photo to a friend, or family member, what would the other person think.

It might feel uncomfortable to subject yourself to judgement but a great photo is just half of the process. The other half is putting positive energy behind the photo. That might sound strange but you have no idea why other people make the decisions that they make, especially when swiping. Choose a photo where you look and feel good, and then place positive energy behind it.


If you want your profile to appear as polished and unique, as you are, then remember to proofread your work. The reason common grammatical errors go unnoticed by the author is because most singles aren’t taking their profile creation seriously. This could be the gateway to meeting the man or woman of your dreams, doesn’t it deserve your full attention?

If you want to be successful then you have to put real effort into creating a well-constructed profile. One that attracts the kind of date you truly want to meet. Smart matches will appreciate your refined profile. It will be easier to read once it’s free of writing errors.

Complete your profile.

Every dating site is equipped with its own unique algorithm. In order to yield the greatest results answer every question to the best of your ability. When you start to get frustrated with the process remember that it’s designed to work in your favor. If the right match is on the site then a completed profile will serve you better.

The act of completing your profile will make you feel more positive about the results. Can you expect to enjoy online dating if you begrudgingly fill out a half-completed profile? Your results will reflect the time you put into answering the questions so give it your all. If you write a profile not caring about the questions you’re asked or the answers that you provide you’ll attract someone who doesn’t care about the answers and they’ll likely be a jerk. Take the time to complete your profile and consider it an investment into your future.

The key to online dating success is being proud of yourself for playing an active role in your dating life. Don’t look at it as a last resort; consider online dating a faster and easier way to meeting new people. You don’t have to get all dressed up to do it and it’s working for you even when you’re not online.

Take the time to craft an online profile that speaks to your prefect match and you will attract a match sooner than you think.

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