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5 Foolproof Techniques That Will Get You Her Number

5 Foolproof Techniques That Will Get You Her Number

I remember back when I was a teenager, and how completely nervous and anxiety-struck I was with the thought of going up to a cute girl, and asking her for her number. The lack of self confidence eventually dissipated when I matured and found out I was indeed AWESOME haha. This can happen for you too.

But nevertheless asking for a girl’s number can be very nerve wrecking for most guys. There’s always the fear of what if she says no. What if she gives me a fake number. What if she just completely ignores me. What if this, what if that.

When I met someone new, I remember when I got my first phone number from a girl. Oh how sweet that was. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nervous. Sweaty palms and everything. I was even nervous when I had to attempt to text my first text message to her. She didn’t reply lol.

Oh well. Since then it’s been hundreds of numbers and I don’t even really go for girl’s numbers anymore, unless there’s no other way around it for me and her to see each other again. But I’ve learned a lot since the first step that I toke and I’m here to share the most potent mindsets and tips to help you consistently get the girl’s number:

1. Let’s hang out

Most girls are all up for meeting new people. So sharing contact details for a future meeting is cool with them. Just don’t frame it as a “Date” which is completely outdated now and you would probably freak her out if you used it. Now we just “hangout”. Which eases the pressure a bit. During your conversation with her, she should know what’s up and you’re not trying to be just friends. If she gets surprised by your advances than you probably wasn’t aggressive enough or showed enough intent.

So when you’re talking to a girl for at least 5min, tell her she is cool because of XYZ quality and that you guys should “hangout”, take your phone out and give it to her. She knows what to do next.

2. Always go for the number no matter what

No matter how the conversation goes. Always go for the number. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is going down hill you just go for it. You never know who’s going to reply to your text or phone calls. I’ve talked to girls who I and her had such an amazing connection but nothing happened afterwards. Then I’ve had rather boring conversations with girls who lead to second dates and intimate times. The point is you never know what’s going to happen. Just get the number and take if from there. Don’t psych yourself out of it, let her decide if she wants to meet you again or not.

3. Seeding a future date

Seeding a future date in the middle of the conversation will give her a reason to give you her number. It makes it easier for her to rationalize giving her number to some guy she just met.

Here are some examples:

” We should get coffee sometime, I know this sweet little café right down the corner”
” Do you like ice cream? We should go grab some Ben & Jerry’s sometime I know this little shop at XYZ”
” I want to take you on a magical journey to Starbucks ”

To be honest it doesn’t really matter where you take her. Just give her a reason to see you again either it being a cool café or this awesome painting you have back at your place 😉

4. Leading and talking to her as a Man to a Woman

Lead the girl. Meaning leading her to that chair. Leading her to that bar. Leading the conversation and talk about topics you want to talk about. It’s crucial that you establish yourself as the leader. But also that you are a man and she is a woman. Now a days guys communicate like they are some sort of a sexual being without dicks. When you approach a woman there should be no doubt that you are the man and she is the woman. You are sexual off the bat. You know what’s up. She knows what’s up. She can either go with it or run away. You are not here to be her gay friend.

5. Don’t leave after you get the number

When you get the number don’t leave immediately unless she is in a hurry. This isn’t a mistake per say but if you stick around a little bit afterwards it kind of just helps cement the interaction and help make it solid. This will help your chances of her picking up the phone or replying to your text.

Most guys just leaves afterwards making the girl feel that the number was all that he was after, not good. Talk with her a bit longer before you go, try and see if you can get her on a instant date, if she doesn’t have other plans.

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