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The Easiest Way to Get to A Woman’s Heart

The Easiest Way to Get to A Woman’s Heart

Dating has evolved from traditional forms of the past. Everything has its time, and everyone meets love in his or her life when the time is right. It all depends on the case and maybe – on the willingness of Cupid to shoot his infamous arrow in the heart of your love. You never know when it might happen for you, but you can assist the feelings of love with romance.

When love is blind, either men or women, feel the heat of inescapable attraction they feel for their heartthrob. Perhaps these words sound rude to the feelings of love. Nonetheless, they hint at a natural human response to matters related to heart.

First Love Is Intoxicating

Most people go through same emotions when they encounter love of their desire i.e., pain in heart, loss of appetite, to name a few. Lovelorn person could totally forget about his existence while burning in the pyre of love. Notwithstanding, that’s not in a morbid state. Moreover, it is a pleasant desire to live and experience the honey pot of love. It is, indeed, intoxicating, and one will never get enough of it.

Everything starts with the first date. The man or woman feels restless when he or she falls in love at first sight with unbridled excitement and unrestrained anticipation. However, most feel clueless and it is pertinent to take one step at a time in the department of love, lest, it can mercilessly burn the hasty.

Indeed, there is nothing to lose when you do everything correctly without rushing through the first love. It is extremely important to slow down in the first date not by blindly carried away by your passion and unrestrained zeal. Unfortunately, many men and women suffer disappointment in their first love.

Role of Flowers In Love

For men, it is worth to remember that first real date is unthinkable without the flowers! To look a true gentleman for the love, it is worthwhile to learn a few rules for the choice of flowers on the first date. The majority of the fair sex is very well versed in flowers – the favorite gift for women. It is no secret that the flowers play not the last role in your life. Flowers indicate the various manifestations of human emotions – joy, cheer, and love. The flowers are like well-written message.

There are many types of flowers in the world, and all of them are beautiful in their own way by their uniqueness that causes joyful emotions, and suggest the special thoughts. Further, it’s hard to find people who would experience negative emotions at the sight of flowers. It is possible that for this reason the flowers have become a special symbol of love and sexual attraction. After giving the flowers on the first date, man expresses his love to the girl.

Any flower or bouquet could immensely please a woman, especially if at the first date. Moreover, the flower would indicate not just a gift, but reveals all the fullness and breadth of male feelings.


Rose is known for its majestic beauty and a rich combination of colors put the flower on the first place. It is believed that by presenting a rose of red color, a man expresses his love. When the roses not yet opened, feelings are very gentle, clean, as young buds. Interestingly, flowers of light colors – white, pink show all the sincerity and happiness of the giver.

Nevertheless, do not try to show off your income, to express your feelings. The rose is the symbol of love. Giving one or few roses would be sufficient instead of many. In fact, after the meeting, surely you will go to the cinema or walk around the city. This means that the bulk bouquet becomes a burden. Women just want to throw it away.


You can also present chrysanthemums. Yellow flowers will light up your relationship with the sunlight at the first day. Give from 3 to 5 chrysanthemums, their number would create the image of the rising sun, the beginning of love.


If you are experiencing about emotional response, then present lilies. Their symbolic value is hope. Flowers help to say what has not been said, especially for modest and shy people. Finally, flowers can immensely express your feelings to your women. It is vital to know what makes women to like you from the first date. Flowers are the best way to express your unspoken thoughts to your woman of love.

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