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5 Signs Your Guy Is Power Couple Material

5 Signs Your Guy Is Power Couple Material

You a bad chick, and your friends bad too… you got that swag sauce… so of course so should your man.

Ambition is the new black. Nothing is sexier than a woman who is building a career for herself and on her hustle. We know that real success takes determination, hard work and a whole lot of passion but what’s better than getting to the top? Someone there to enjoy the view with you.

Whether you’re currently single and looking for the Clyde to your Bonnie, or one half of the next Jay and Bey, building a power couple is no easy task. What the most prominent couples have in common are some of the traits that make them so successful in the first place.

From Kim and Kanye, to Michelle and Barack the power couple ultimate power couple is made up of two extraordinary people who value partnership, security loyalty and trust. It isn’t as easy as making a name for yourself you need a partner who isn’t expecting you to be a supporting actress instead of a co-star. So if you’re striving to be the next Nick and Priyanka, these are five signs that your man meets the criteria.

He’s your cheerleader (and you’re his)

Whether he’s bringing you coffee late night or sitting front row at your event, the right guy is your biggest fan and the first to say tell you, “You can do it, babe.” A great partner claps the hardest, cheers the loudest and never misses a chance to be there for you. Even when building his own empire the right power couple partner never misses a chances to cheer on his girl every chance he gets.

He knows you work hard (and works hard too)

You both have big dreams, you both work long hours, and you both have busy schedules but that’s what helps you to relate to each other. Your guy knows that you both have busy schedules but he makes time for you and doesn’t get mad when you have to meet a deadline or cancel a date. The right partner knows that quality is so special because it’s rare. He recognizes you hard work and never questions your priorities. Instead of getting angry, the right guy knows how hard you work because he’s likely doing the same. They say that opposites attract, but when it comes to power couples they are often out working each other.

He doesn’t get jealous (because neither do you.)

Being in the spotlight can sometimes shine light on jealousy and envy. While it’s easy to want what someone else has, a power couple doesn’t let jealousy creep into their relationship. Even nude photos can’t bring out the the green eyed monster in Kim and Kanye’s relationship. Extra attention is a necessary part of success. It’s not always easy being in the limelight but the right man lets you remain a star without hating on your shine.

He doesn’t sabotage your hustle (he supports it.)

A great partner doesn’t try to sabotage your success by asking you to put them before your dreams. The right guy doesn’t cause a fight before a major exam or go MIA when you need them the most throwing you off your game. Being apart of a power couple means letting the other person shine when its their time. A supportive man knows and is willing to take the backseat when it’s your time in the spotlight.

He talks about his future and you’re in it

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the rest of your life, a strong power couple is on the same page when it comes to their future. If you’re heading to the top make sure that you’re planning to take the same route. If the guy you’re dating has big plans but doesn’t include you, you might want to reconsider recruiting him for your team. A couple that dreams together, should have a plan on how to make those dreams come true. The right man couldn’t imagine making it to the top with out having you by his side. That’s the way it should be. Every Bonnie needs her Clyde.

It’s a great feeling being on the top of your game and and even better feeling when you have someone to share your success with.

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